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Rice is one of the primary food item that Indians like. Since ages we have been growing rice and consuming it as our primary food source. Rice are of many types like biriyani rice, raw rice and so on. But when it comes to cooking we have followed a routine. Here we are tying to find the best electric rice cookers that you can get for your home.

Traditional way of cooking rice is to clean it and use a pot of water and put rice into it and make it boil until rice cooks. Then we strain the water and take the cooked rice. The process looks simple.

Isn’t that right. Uncooked rice or partially cooked rice will always be a problem to eat and digest.

In the fast moving world where people have lot of other work to do, cooking rice with the old traditional method is not a good solution and it’s a time consuming process. So what can we do for it.

We have electric rice cookers to solve our problem with rice cooking. Now a days electric rice cookers are very smart and they even know how to cook rice based on user preference or rice that we have put into.

Whats are electric rice cookers?

Electric rice cookers are devices that are used in kitchen for cooking rice. We do not need to use gas in here and we use in electricity.


So an electric rice cooker has the following items as setup

  1. An outer Unit or a vessel that holds all in together
best electric rice cookers

This unit has all the needed controls to operate an electric rice cooker

2. An inner unit

best electric rice cookers

This is the inner unit made usually of good quality aluminium that has a straining plate inside.

3. A top unit.

This top unit is a compartment which we can cook vegetables at the same time when your rice is cooked.

Cooking vegetables at same time saves a lot of time.

So thats the setup that we use in all typical electric rice cookers.


We may all know how to cook rice in a pot but in an electric rice cooker the process may be a bit different.

Its not rocket science but still you need to take some additional steps.

Electric cooker basically work on heating from a heating element placed below the inner unit which heats the aluminium container and the water boils and rice gets cooked.


Electric rice cookers follow fill it, Switch it on and forget it process. Once you have put rice into it and filled the needed water and switched it on the cooker will take care of the rest.

No more tension about water spilling over the container when the rice has boiled.


  1. Wash the rice that you want to put
  2. Clean the aluminium vessel that comes with the cooker
  3. Put the rice to the vessel
  4. Add needed water
  5. Place the vessel to the cooker.
  6. Turn it to cooking mode.

Thats it its done. The rest the electric rice cooker will take care of.

Now for doing this effectively you need good electric rice cookers so lets find out some below.

We have done some detailed testing on this category and sorted out this list.

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Points to be considered for purchase

  1. Capacity of cooker you need
  2. Brand that we need to check.

For a small family a lower capacity cookers will work but for a large family we may need a cooker with higher capacity.

Prestige PRWO 1.8 Litre electric rice cooker

This is one of the best recommended budget segment electric rice cooker that performed well. It had all basic feature lite auto switch off mode and good capacity of 1.8 litre which is good for a average size family.

electric rice cookers

Main Highlights

  1. Good build with good quality materials used
  2. Long cord for easy placements and use.
  3. Good quality plastic buttons used.
  4. Keep warm mode to keep your rice warm for long.
  5. 5 Years warranty

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Panasonic SR-W18GH 270-Watt 

This model is good for medium sized families and this has very good features. it looks very nice and will match for any kitchen design. This comes with additional attachments like the idly making tray which is an added advantage.

electric rice cookers
  1. This is suitable for medium large size family with 4.4 litres
  2. Build is nice and good quality aluminium used.
  3. Buttons and indication lights are made of good quality plastics.
  4. Added idly cooking plates are an advantage.
  5. Keep warm mode works effectively and keeps the cooked rice hot for long.

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Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-Litre

This one comes in a greenish color and is definitely in an eye catcher. This is a 5.4 litre electric rice cooker which is suitable for large families with many members.

electric rice cookers

Main Highlights

  1. This is a 5.4 litre electric rice cooker which is good for large families.
  2. Nice color coating and good paint which avoids scratches for long.
  3. The plastic quality of materials used in the lid are strong and did not break on dropping.
  4. The buttons section is well detailed and the lights are well placed to know.
  5. It provided nice cooking for any type of rice that we had put it.

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Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric rice Cooker 

it is one of the advanced model from the electric rice cookers available in the market. It has some programmable options built in by which we can select the exact cooking mode for a specific type of rice that we put in it. This sort of technology is good for people who cook a lot. This model we really liked because it was flexible and as promised the adjustments gave some good results in cooking.

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electric rice cookers

Main Highlights

  1. This is the most advanced version of electric rice cookers available in india.
  2. Mobile app is pretty responsive and helps to track the cooking well and good.
  3. Adjustments based on the rice that we are cooking worked well.
  4. Solid build quality in this product.
  5. Service center according to shops are good.
  6. 5 years warranty is an added advantage.

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Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric rice Cooker with 11 in 1 Function

If you are looking for a smart rice cooker then this is the one. This model has long list of features available and a mobile apps to keep track of your food cooking is an added advantage

It performed really well in our testing and the cooking levels were good for different types of rice that we used to test. Includes 5 years of warranty and the build quality of this product is good. Its made of high quality stainless steel and looks really good.

Main Highlights

  1. One of the advanced version of rice cookers.
  2. The mobile app is really convenient for tracking your rice cooking
  3. Good for large families as well with 5 litre of storage.
  4. Rice cooked to precise levels based on the settings made.
  5. With mobile app you can adjust the cooking levels and get regular notifications on the same.
  6. Price is decent in this segment for the features that it offers.

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Panasonic SR-Y18FHS 660-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker

As we have discussed panasonic earlier this is also another good model of electric rice cooker that you can buy. This is a 4.4 litre of electric rice cooker which is suitable for a large family with 5 or 6 members. In our testing it performed well for cooking rice in a faster rate. The build quality and the material used are really good. The aluminium is of good grade which is an added advantage. The price of this is good in its segment which makes it one of the good options available for you

Main Highlights

  1. Good for a large family as it is a 4.4 litre capacity.
  2. Materials used for this are really good.
  3. Easy to use buttons which are clear and the lights indicated the operations correctly.
  4. Good service by Panasonic provided which is an added advantage.
  5. In our testing it cooked the food as we were looking for.
  6. Its available in two colors which can suit based on your home interiors.

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Morphy Richards Steamacook 1.8 

Morphy richards is one of the popular companies when it comes to home appliances. This cooker with 1.8 litre capcaity is good for small families and bachelors. This thing is built very good and the aluminum used is of very good grade. The cooking that it provided was precise and as needed. At this price and quality its a good deal.

Main Highlights

  1. Good for families with low member counts and bachelors.
  2. Nice vibrant looks and bold design
  3. High grade aluminium used for nice head distribution
  4. Solid rubber foots to stay stable in level surfaces.
  5. Fast heating provided which saves times.
  6. Less electricity consumption

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Philips HL1662/00 1-Litre Electric Rice Cooker

Philips is one of the top brands in making home appliances. This model HL 1662/00 is a 1 litre electric rice cooker and its aiming for bachelors and small family. Its build very well and has an attractive color and design to it. The aluminium used here is of high grade and scratch resistant which is an added advantage

Main Highlights

  1. High grade aluminium used for scratch resistance and fast heating
  2. Good colors and attractive design which will attract people.
  3. Falls in a good price range which make its the go to electric rice cooker.
  4. 5 years of warranty is an added advantage.
  5. Philips has good service network which will help in resolving any issues.

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Preethi Touch EPC005 6-Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

Preethi is one of the top models manufacturing mixer grinders and other home appliances. This model the preethi touch EPC005 is a well built electric rice cooker that you can buy in Indian market. It has soft touch buttons to control.

Main Highlights

  1. This is made of high quality steel and it reflects in it looks.
  2. Soft touch buttons which work really well.
  3. Controls of all types of rice cooking which we can set based on the rice type.
  4. Good rubber foot to stay stable on flat surfaces.
  5. Preethi has good networks for service in case if you fall into any issues.
  6. The cable length is adequate for placements.

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V-Guard Electric Rice Cooker

This is one of the basic model from V-Guard which is adequate for small families. V-Guard is known to make good quality products and this follows that. The build quality is good and the materials used are of high grade. The aluminium used inside is scratch resistant and will hold well for some time.

It’s a cooker for small families as the storage capacity is less but in our testing it provided good results.

Main Highlights

  1. Nice quality build with high grade aluminium used.
  2. Good heating with fast cooking times.
  3. Solid rubber feet for sturdy support in stable surfaces.
  4. Vguard has good networks for service in case if you have any issues
  5. It gives 5 years of warranty which is an added advantage.

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So we have it, this list was made with a detailed research on different types of electric rice cookers and to find the best electric rice cookers in India.

All performed really well but some were to another level as they had many advanced features that others does not have.

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