5 Best Cordless Impact Driver in India 2022

Tools always come handy when you work in home or renovate it. Building a new garage or shed for work or fixing some furniture in your home need proper tools to make your work easier and faster. Manual tools are common in most of the homes like a screw driver, wrench and hammers. To use manual tools for work is hard in some cases and need much effort for things to go in our way as planned. This may also cause injuries. Professionals now a days use electric tools to make things easier. Drill machines have become one of the most common tool now a days. It makes making holes and fixing things easier. Drill machine being well and good in its segment, there are few limitations in it which can be solved using an impact driver. Here we are going to check some of the best cordless impact driver in India that you can buy in 2022.

Before moving onto the topic, we need to discuss some things based on the Impact drivers and how they are different from drill machine. We have wired tools like drill machines available in the market. Wired tools are powerful but they may need a wall connection always. Cordless tools are the way to go in 2022 and the years coming ahead. Let’s check why a drill machine and impact driver combo will be best for your home use.

cordless impact driver

What is an Impact Driver?

As the name suggest its a machine that produces impact screwing or bolting work that you need to do. We generally use drill machines to drill holes and some cordless drill machines comes with screwing options as well. The problem with using a drill machine for screwing without proper adjustment is that, the drill machine is expected to operate in vertical movement or the drill bit or the screw driver bit is expected to produce vertical movement when its doing its operation this with the torque the drill machine comes with causes the head of the screw to rip off spoiling the work that you have been doing.

Best Selling Cordless Impact Driver

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Impact driver on the other hard provides sideways force to the screw or bolt head which is similar to a spanner or a wrench action. It provides blows to the sideways so that the screw gets inside the wall without damaging the head.

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This is quite efficient and easy process. Impact drivers are considered to be a good option if you have lot of screwing work. Professionals usually carry both drill machine and impact driver with them to make the work easy.

Should You get an Impact driver or drill machine?

If you have a lot of work or you are a professional that needs to do a lot of drilling and fixing things then a drill machine is a no brainer. Cordless drill machines now a days comes with multiple options like Screwing, Drilling and Hammer drilling which make it a perfect choice.

Impact drivers are best for people who make furnitures and also do wood work. Precise screwing is needed for wood work so that it won’t damage the wood. Impact driver will provide better control over the screw jobs for a carpenter than a drill machine.

How is Impact driver different from Drill machine?

Drill machines come with a chuck which you can use to connect any kind of drill bits needed based on the size of the hole that you may need to make. Different kinds of drill bits are available in the market like bits for drilling holes in wood, metal, concrete and masonry. A variable size chuck is needed for this purpose. The chuck has teeth inside which grab the drill bit.

When it comes to impact driver, things are a bit different. It comes with a 1/4 hex socket which can accommodate only one size of bit. Usually Impact drivers are used for screwing and bolting purposes so the chuck of an impact driver is designed in that way.You can do some kind of drilling with impact driver but there is limitation on that.

Now that we have a basic idea on Impact drivers and Drill machines, lets check some points that you may need to consider before getting a cordless impact driver in India.

Things to consider in a Cordless Impact driver

Corded impat drivers are available in the market in a cheaper price compared to a cordless model but still cordless impact drivers make things easy as they don’t have a wire handing around when you work in paces where there is no power supply.

dewalt cordless impact driver in India

You may not be able to work in certain places with a corded impact driver on the other hand a cordless impact driver will have batteries in It which you may need to charge. You can easily work on different places without issue with a cordless impact driver.

Other things to consider here are

  • Power of the impact driver
  • Battery capacity
  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Motor used
  • Price

Let’s discuss the above mentioned points in detail.

Power of Impact Driver

The name power tools is derived from the power that they can provide when in operation. Drill machines are rated based on the torque that they can produce and also if you have a hammer drill then it is rated based on the number of beats it can provide in a particular second. When it comes to impact driver, Its also rated based on the torque that it can deliver in a clock wise or anticlockwise direction. Impact driver as we have discussed earlier delivers its impact sideways as a wrench being hit by a hammer on the side to tighten a bolt or nut. Impact driver should be able to deliver enough power to drive in the screws based on the material that it is being done on. Based on the material the power of the impact driver could vary.

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Battery Capacity

This comes into play once you start considering a cord less impact driver. Batteries play a crucial part for getting an uninterrupted work. If the battery runs out at an important place in between work then it will be frustrating. Batteries of power tools are determined in amp hours and voltage and more the rating, your tool can run for a longer time and also the amp hour will determine the power it can deliver. People search for power tools by the voltage it has in the battery. Most popular segment for house hold use is the 12V segment and for professional use we get 18V power tools which will provide high power for doing any kind of tasks.

Usually power tools come with 2 batteries so the one can be used and other can be kept charging. This way it helps to complete the job without any interruption. If you need the best cordless impact driver for home then battery capacity is one point that you may need to give priority.


Features are the thing that many people consider as the main point of comparison between different products that they are planning to buy. There are some specific features that would add more value to the product. When it comes to power tools having a LED light for working on dark places and belt buckle are common things to look into. Other features like variable speed and some high end Impact drivers come with dedicated processing unit to sense the power needed and provide it accordingly.

Build quality

This is one of the most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to power tools like Impact driver. Body of the tools should be made of durable material. Parts like the chuck and the handle should be durable so that it does not break when you are using it hard. Also power tools in work sites are expected to get a beating as they are used in tough places and rough surfaces. Without a durable design and good build, it may fail easily.

Motor used

Motor is the heart of any power tool. Tools like drill machine or impact driver solely depend on motor for their purpose of usage. For motors in tools like drill machine and impact driver, there are two kinds of motors available. Brushed motor and brushless motor, Brushed motor has carbon brushes powering the motor shaft which in time tend to have been consumed. Brushed motor also produces sparks in operation and also produce heat comparatively more than a brushless motor. Brushless motor does not have a dedicated carbon brush in the shaft so they have a longer life and also can produce a greater amount of power compared to a brushed motor. In the search of best cordless impact driver in India 2022, brushless impact driver are the way to go.


Finally the price, this is a deciding factor for most people. Based on purpose you should select the Impact driver. If you are a professional then you may need the absolute best power and performance. In that case you should give minimal importance to the price. For household needs you can consider an impact driver in budget. There are many models available from Bosch, Dewalt and Makita which are well built and provide enough power for doing work in your home.

Let’s check some options available in the market now.

Best Cordless Impact Driver in India

Bosch GDR 12 V-EC Professional Cordless Impact Driver

Bosch GDR 12 V-EC Professional Cordless Impact Driver
Bosch GDR 12 V-EC Professional Cordless Impact Driver - Heavy Duty, Brushless Motor, Speed Selection (110Nm, 2 x 2.0 Ah battery) (M4 – M12) (Blue)
  • Variable Speed, Charge Level Indicator, LED Light for...
  • Package contents: GGDR 12 V-EC (Order / Part number:...

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Top Features:

  • 12 V impact driver
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • 2Ah batteries included
  • 2 batteries included
  • M4 to M12 screw sizes
  • LED light
  • Soft Grip

Beginning with one of the most popular brands when it comes to power tools in India, Bosch is considered to be value for money in terms of power tools. If you need the best 12V impact driver in India then the Bosch GDR 12V-EC is the one to consider as it comes with a combo of power and performance. For household and professional work, this impact driver will be suitable.

First of all this model comes with a brushless motor so that you won’t need to keep changing the brushes of the impact driver regularly if you are a heavy user. It provides optimised impact mechanism. The precision of impacts are more accurate compared to a brushed.

The battery capacity here is 2 Ah and we get 2 batteries with the impact driver so that you can use one at a time. This impact driver is suitable for construction work and metal and wood work. This impact driver being a 12 V model has less weight so that you can use it for longer duration and also the small form factor enable it to be used in tight spaces.

It can be used with screws of sizes varying from M4 to M12 and has an RPM of 1200 at 1st level and 2nd level of 2600 rpm.

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Like other impact drivers it comes with a quarter inch hex which can fit all the impact driver bits and also drill bits. Other features like Variable speed adjustment based on the work that you need to do and also the charge level indicator is an added advantage.

Features like a bright LED light to illuminate the area that you are screwing is a bonus. The grip on the handle that you get here is excellent and soft which helps in reducing the hand pain that you may have while using the tool.

With all the features on offer and the Bosch service, this is one of the cordless impact driver in India that would be suitable for most of the needs.

  • Excellent build
  • Good power
  • Long battery life
  • LED light can be brighter

INGCO 20v Cordless Impact driver

INGCO 20v Cordless Impact driver
Ingco CIRLI2002 Lithium-Ion Impact Driver 1/4 Inch Power Tool 170 Nm High Torque Hex Impact Wrench 2pcs 2.0Ah Battery And Canvas Bag
  • POWER TORQUE: The Wrench Driver easily loosens the nuts,...
  • HIGH-POWER BATTERY: The high-power battery gives a longer...
  • ADJUSTABLE SWITCHES: The electric wrench driver has...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The wrench driver is designed in such a...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The wrench driver screw nuts and bolts of...

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Top Features:

  • 20V battery
  • 2 Ah battery power
  • LED light
  • 3300BPM
  • Brushless motor
  • 1300 to 2100RPM motor
  • Belt buckle
  • 2 batteries in the pack

If you are in a budget and need the best cordless impact driver under 10000 in India then you will not go wrong with the Ingco 20V impact driver as it comes with power and features that other brands in a higher price range does not offer.

it comes with a high quality brushless motor which produces less sound and more power compared to the competition. The No load speed of this motor varies from 1300 to 2100 per min which is good for home and professional use.

In the package we get 20V battery which is of 2 Ah and it can run pretty long during a work day. The impact driver is rated for an Impact rate of 3300bpm which is really good even for professional use. The Max torque that we can get from this impact driver is 170nm.

Like other impact drivers in India this model also comes with a Hex shank with quarter inch diameter. Most of the commonly used impact bits will work with this impact driver. The box contains 2 batteries which will come hand if you want to work for long time during a work day.

For working in dark places it comes with a LED light built in and a battery charge indicator which would help in knowing the amount of charge left in the impact driver. With the features on offer and price this is one of the best cordless impact driver in India 2022.

  • Good build
  • Power is good
  • Great batter life
  • After sales service is limited

DEWALT DCF809L2T-QW cordless Impact Driver

DEWALT DCF809L2T-QW - 18V Li-ion Sub-Compact Series Cordless 1/4" Impact Driver with Brushless Motor-2x3Ah Batteries Included
  • The DCF809L2 18V XR impact driver is designed for precision...
  • Powered by 18V XR batteries and a DEWALT brushless motor to...
  • Variable speed trigger allows for control and precision on...
  • It features a 3 mode switch with Precision Drive for the...
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty provided by the manufacturer from...

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Top Features:

  • 18V impact driver
  • Brushless motor
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 3 Switch mode
  • 190nm torque

In western countries, there are some great brands when it comes to power tools and the most popular brand that people consider is Dewalt. They have a wide range of power tools for various needs in the market and when it comes to drills and impact drivers they are considered in the top 5 list.

This model the DEWALT DCF809L2T-QW is one of the best selling impact driver in the Indian market due to the set of features and the durability that it provides. It is designed with precision in mind and can be used for various sizes of screws. It can handle upto M10 size bolts.

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The impact driver is 130mm long so that it could fit into small places and tight spots. With the small size also it can produce a torque of 190nm which is great for any kind of home or professional work.

Batteries used here are 18V XR series batteries from Dewalt which are known for their longevity and also the life. Like other Impact drivers in this section, this model also comes with a brushless motor which would increase the life of the device even with regular use.

Variable speed trigger is another advantage here as the speed of the impact driver will vary according to the trigger press. This will help in increasing the precision of the screwing job that we do.

3 mode switch is available to increase or decrease the power based on the surface that we are putting the screw into. The LED light which is provided is very bright and can easily show the area that we are adding the screw.

With 2 years warranty and good after sales service, this is one of the good impact driver for professionals in India that you can consider buying.

  • Durable build
  • Good handle
  • Power is great
  • Heating is present on continuous use

Bosch GDR 120 LI Cordless Impact Driver

Bosch GDR 120 LI
Bosch GDR 120 LI Cordless Impact Driver with Double Battery (Blue, 3-Piece) with Bosch 2608522265 65 mm Standard for Universal Screwdriver Bits, 10 in 1 Pack Slotted and PH2
  • Color: Blue
  • Item Dimension: 32.5mm x 29.7mm x 6.9mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Impact Driver, 1-Piece 2 x 1.5Ah...
  • 6 months on production of invoice, Tool holder: 1/4"...
  • Length mm 65

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Top Features:

  • 1300 rpm to 2600 rpm motor
  • 3400 bmp impact levels
  • 2 batteries included in the box.
  • 1.5 ah battery
  • 6 months warranty

This is another best selling impact driver in India. The GDR series is known to be suitable for light weight jobs like fixing things In home and also some professional workers like electricians, plumbers etc. This model is considered to be a good option for most of the screwing needs.

Like other Bosch products, this model comes in blue collar with a durable material. The box comes with 2 1.5 Ah battery which lasts really long and a suitable charger for the same. The charger is lightweight and be carried around to different places.

It has a no load speed at first level of 1300rpm and in the second level it has a speed of 2600 rpm which is good for an impact driver in this price segment. With this speed, this impact driver can produce a torque of 100nm suitable for most of the drilling and screwing work.

The charging time for the batteries is around 90 minutes, as you get two batteries here we can put one battery for charging and use another one.

With the rated impact levels of 2800 to 3400 bpm this is a safe bet when it comes to impact drivers in India. Bosch provides 6 months of warranty with this impact driver and Bosch has a wide service network throughout the country.

  • Light weight design
  • Good torque level
  • Battery life is good
  • Noise is more during operation

Makita Cordless Impact Drive TD127DWE

Makita Cordless Impact Drive TD127DWE
Makita Cordless Impact Drive Drill TD127DWE (G Series) 1/4" Hex
  • Compact design for perfect handling.Chuck - 1/4” Hex...
  • Charging Time – 70 Mins With DC18WA Charger.
  • Battery – 1.5 Ah – BL1815G
  • Variable Speed Controller by Trigge
  • 1 Year Warranty Excluding Battery

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Top Features:

  • 18V impact driver
  • 140nm torque
  • 2 batteries included In the box
  • Charger included
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Variable speed trigger

Makita is a brand that is known for its innovations in the power tools segment. Even though they don’t have much products in Indian market if you are looking for the best cordless impact driver in India then the TD127DWE is the one that you should not miss.

Makita products are well built and long lasting. The batteries from Makita are great and last really long. This model comes with 2 batteries in the box with 1 charger included. The box itself is made of solid build and the things that come in the box are neatly arranged.

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This is an 18V impact driver which produces 140 nm of torque sufficient enough to be used for professional and home use. Like other impact drivers, this also has a 1.4 inch socket for accommodating all the impact rated bits.

The charging time of batteries here is 70 minutes which is good enough as we have two batteries included in the case. Batteries are 18V 1.5 ah BL1815G series batteries. These batteries are a bit hard to get hold of due to the availability and also they may not work with other impact drivers of the same brand.

Trigger of this impact driver is variable speed control enabled. The speed of the impact driver can be controlled by the amount of press that we provide on the trigger.

With 1 year of warranty and good solid build, you won’t go wrong with Makita impact driver as they will provide the value for money performance.

  • Solid build
  • Nice carry case
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Service centres are limited in India


Impact driver is a tool which goes with a drill machine. If you are a professional like electrician or a plumber then you may need to drill holes or drive screws through drywalls or wood. Putting screws into wood need precision and if you put more power into the screw it could damage the screws or also the surface. Impact driver will provide a better control on the screw driving making it a better tool for this purpose. With various brands available, there is a confusion in people’s mind when it comes to selecting an Impact driver. Bosch, Dewalt, Makita are some of the popular brands available in India. We have discussed and listed some of the cordless impact driver in India above that you can consider and any of the options above will be value for money and will perform well for your needs.

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