5 Best GPS tracker for Bike and Scooter in India

Vehicle theft has become a common issue throughout India now. When we go out or if we had parked our car or bike in public, there is always a chance that a thief will notice it and try to take it without your knowledge. Sure that we can file a complaint to the authorities but getting something like a bike or scooter back is hard as people will dismantle it and sell as parts very soon. Bike and Scooters are more vulnerable to theft compared to a car. People now a days get premium bikes which could cost more than 2 lakhs making it a primary target for bike thief. Keeping this mind it would be great to have something on the bike or scooter so that we can track things happening with it when its parked in any location. A GPS tracker will make things easy with this. Here we are going to check some of the best GPS tracker fro Bike and scooter in India 2022.

Before getting a GPS tracker lets check why it makes sense to use a GPS tracker on your bike or scooter in 2022.

gps tracker for bike and scooter

Buyer’s Guide on GPS tracker for bike and scooter in India

We need to first check out what is a GPS tracker and how it will help in keeping track of our bike.

What is a GPS tracker?

GPS as the name suggest is Global Positioning System which we have commonly seen in smartphones. We install apps that need your location to send you notification and services based on the location that you are in. Its a small hardware that is placed in the smartphone motherboard which help to achieve this feature. As our motorbike or scooter does not have such hardware we may need to add a dedicated GPS tracker. GPS tracker keeps track of the location with the satellite location and the included network sim that comes with it. It also uses the tower that it connects locally to know the exact location of the bike. Its a simple technique that has been pretty effective for long.

Best Selling GPS Trackers for Bike and Scooter

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Why we need a GPS tracker on Bike and Scooter?

Short answer for this is to track location of your vehicle. If there is an unauthorised movement of your bike or scooter then you will be able to know. There are many other features available in GPS trackers in 2022. They come with dedicated app that will help you configuring the tracker and also the app will notify you in case the bike detects any movement or vibration.

When you park your bike some people may come and hit it with their scooter or bike while parking or may try to move the vehicle to get space. You will get notified when such things happens. Also if there is any other activity like hot wiring the bike to start it will trigger instant call or notification in you phone making it a great option to consider if you care about your vehicle safety.

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There are a few things that you may need to consider before getting a GPS tracker.

Things to consider in a GPS tracker for bike and scooter

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of installation
  • Application support
  • Subscription charges
  • After Sales support
  • Features
  • Price


GPS is based on your location from satellite and the mobile towers that you have near by your location. There are many calculation done in the background for finding your exact location. Many GPS trackers in the market fail to provide the exact location due to the poor calibration of the device and also the hardware issues. When you are considering to buy a GPS tracker for motorbike, accuracy that it provides is the most important thing to consider as without proper accuracy on the location data the GPS tracker is worthless. The location of the scooter or bike should get updated instantly making it easy to track things as soon as someone start tampering your vehicle.

Even though there are other factors to be considered here like the network coverage from the sim provider and also the speed of the network. In most cases we will be using our bike or scooter for daily commute so network may not be a big issue here. We need to consider accuracy based on the network provider as well. Always try to select a network provider which has good coverage in your area which will help in improving your GPS location.

Ease of installation

Buying a GPS tracker itself is not enough. Until and unless the tracker is installed in your bike or scooter, its not of a good use. Some GPS trackers that are available in the market are hard to install and need professionals to visit your home to do the installation. This could cause a delay or if you try to install them yourself could damage your vehicle. There are many options available in the market that are easy to install.

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Basically a GPS tracker need power input. Most GPS tracker needs simple connection to the battery of the scooter or bike for them to work. If you are in a location where the GPS tracker provider does now have service then it will hard if you need a professional assistance. In that case you need to consider getting a GPS tracker which is either plug and play or installation is simple.

tracker for bike and scooter

Application support

Most GPS tracker come with a companion app which you can use to setup the GPS tracker including your contact information. The application support plays an important role here. You should select a GPS tracker which will work in both iOS and Android OS so that you can use the application in any kind of phone that you are using.

With a fast and responsive application, you will be able to get fast notification and also stay updated on status of your vehicle from any location. Also the interface should be user friendly and easy to use.

Subscription charges

Another thing that comes to picture is the subscription charges that comes with the tracker. As we have discussed earlier, we have a sim card built in the GPS tracker which makes it connect to the network. The SIM card comes with a subscription charge that you may need to pay when you purchase the tracker. Services ask for subscription charges for either monthly or 6 months or a year. Also the details based on subscription charges can be known from the website of the GPS tracker or you can contact the customer care of the provider.

You should consider checking the pricing before you order a GPS tracker for bike and scooter.

After Sales support

This is another important factor to consider when you buy any electronic device. We cannot judge the longevity of the device when we buy it. Usually devices work good when they are new and over time the issues start appearing. Many manufacturers fail due to the poor after sales service that they provide. Even though a GPS tracker device is small in size, it comes with lot of electronics inside which could have issues in time. Keeping this in mind we should consider a device that has good after sales service and also as we have discussed about installation before, company should provide a technician to do the installation of the device if you are not aware of it.



Having more features make the device more attractive. Manufacture compete with each other by providing more features in the devices so that they can attract mode customers. Features like fall detection, vibration sensor, emergency alerts, location sharing are some feature that make the GPS tracker worth its use. Keeping this in mind we need to check and find the right one for your bike or scooter to make it more safe and secure from being stolen.

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As a deciding factor, people consider price of the device to the first thing. GPS tracker as we have discussed earlier come with subscription charges which you may need to pay every year. The charges will be included with the price of the device. There are various options available in the market which comes in less price but the features of the tracker may vary based on the price it comes in.

Now that we have checked some of the points to consider in a GPS tracker, lets check some options that are available in the market.

Best GPS tracker for Bike and Scooter

Ajjas Water Resistant GPS Tracker Device for Bike and Scooter

Ajjas Water Resistant GPS Tracker Device for Bike and Scooter
Ajjas - Waterproof GPS Tracker for Bike, Scooty, Car, Bus, Device + 1 Month Sim Data & Free Mobile App (Features with Accident Alert, Anti-Theft Alert, Live Tracking) On-Call Installation Support.
  • Anti Theft: Call is initiated every time the engine is...
  • Accident Alert (For 2Ws only): Ajjas device initiates a call...
  • Stationary Fall Alert (For 2Ws only): When the 2 wheeler is...
  • Ajjas comes with Motion Alert, Engine ON/OFF notification...
  • From day one to the last day we are protecting you. There is...

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Top Features:

  • Engine on/off alert
  • Accident alert
  • Built in battery
  • Mobile application
  • Fall alert
  • 24 Hour customer support

There are limited number of brands which have a good quality GPS trackers in the market. Ajjas is a brand which has one of the best Made in India GPS tracker that you can buy online as well as their own website. This comes with a variety of features that other GPS trackers cannot offer in this price segment.

We get a call each time your bike is turned on into your phone which is very convenient and also keeps your bike safe from theft. This can be useful if someone hotwires your bike or scooter and turns ON the engine.

It comes with a feature like accident alert which will trigger a phone call to some numbers which you have added to the app. You can add upto 3 emergency numbers through the app so that they get notified in you are in trouble.

Another feature that we get from Ajjas GPS tracker is the fall alert, if you have parked your bike in a place and someone hits or pushes it then when the bike falls you will receive an alert to your phone so that you can have a look on what happened to the bike or scooter.

Motion alert and engine on off notifications are quite quick with this tracker and it works with an internal sim that comes with the device. Installation of this GPS tracker is also simple as there are no wire cutting needed and you just need to connect the device to your battery.

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Being connected to the battery, you may think that it may consume battery even if the vehicle is idle but its not the case, the device is made in such a way that the battery consumption is minimal.

With excellent after sales support and good feedback, this is one of the best GPS tracker for bike and scooter in India that you can buy.

  • Good features
  • Smooth interface of app
  • Low Price
  • Only available online

Onelap Micro Waterproof GPS Tracker for Bike and Scooter

Onelap Micro Waterproof GPS Tracker for Bike and Scooter
Onelap Micro - Hidden Water Resistant Wired GPS Tracker for Car, Bike, Bus,Truck etc with 12 Months sim Card
  • Package : GPS tracking unit (Compatible with all types of...
  • Anti theft alarm - Get notified in case of theft by alarm...
  • Live GPS tracking plus Travel history data - Highly...
  • Ignition Alerts and Remote engine off - Get instant alerts...
  • Set Geo-fences and Over Speeding limits - Define safe zones...

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Top Features:

  • 12 months data plan
  • iOS and Android support
  • Intelligent chip
  • Geofencing
  • Ignition Sensor

Another very popular brand in India when it comes to GPS tracker is Onelap. They have variety of models of trackers available in the market and the Onelap Micro is one of the most popular one.

It also comes with some great set of features which make it a easy choice for your bike or scooter. Having a 12 month data plan in this makes it a good option for the price that its being sold. We get both android and iOS support with this device.

You will get notification on your phone if the vehicle is moved or towed when you are not near it. The notification appears quickly to the phone as soon as the device detects any movements or shock.

With the included app you can track the location history and the chip present tracks the exact location with accuracy. It is done using cloud servers and you can share your location to your friends and family members so that they can also have an idea of your location.

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Ignition alarm is another feature that is present in this GPS tracker, as soon as ignition gets turned ON, you will get notified in your smartphone. This will help to track things happening on your vehicle.

Geaofence is another great feature that you get with this GPS tracker. You can set a fence till which your friend can travel using the bike and if he crosses it, you will get notification on your phone.

Having a good after sales service makes this a perfect GPS tracker for Bike and Scooter in India in 2022 that you can buy.

  • Easy installation
  • Good pricing
  • Simple app
  • Data plans can be better

SeTrack GPS Tracker Device for Bike and Scooter

SeTrack GPS Tracker Device with Android and iOS Mobile App with Engine Lock and Anti Theft Alarm for Car, Bike, Truck and Bus
  • Live GPS tracking and driving history- See your vehicles'...
  • Instant Anti-Theft Alarm- It is a safety mode of your...
  • Remote engine lock- You can remotely switch off your...
  • Daily statistics- Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time,...
  • Made in India Gps Tracking Device with 5 Year Warranty and...

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Top Features:

  • 5 Years warranty
  • Sim Card included
  • Engine lock feature
  • Anti theft alarm
  • Sensitive chip

If you are looking for a GPS tracker for bike and scooter under 2000 then SeTrack is one of the option to go with as it comes with some unique features that makes it a great option for Scooters or bikes.

Like other GPS tracker in this segment, this model also comes with Live GPS tracking feature and also you can see the history of your locations. It comes with a high quality and sensitive GPS chip which is pretty accurate when it comes to tracking location

It comes with an Anti Theft alarm which gets triggered when it detects any unwanted movement in your two wheeler. Its a great feature to have which other GPS trackers does not offer.

Engine lock comes handy if you feel that some one is taking your bike or scooter without your knowledge. You can remotely turn off the engine of the vehicle from any location making it a great option to consider if you park your bike in a public place.

It give all the detailed data on distance covered in a day and Idle time and stoppage time. You can compare the data and check how is your driving and places to improve it.

With 5 years of warranty and a good after sales service, this is a good GPS tracker for two wheeler that you can consider checking out.

  • Accurate
  • Fast app
  • Good support
  • Data plan not provided

TrackX India GPS tracker

TrackX India GPS tracker

No products found.

Top Features:

  • Live location tracking
  • 170mah battery
  • Anti theft system
  • 3 years of location history
  • Ignition ON/OFF notification

Here is another GPS tracker that is in a budget. It comes in a price range below 2000 and have all the important feature that you may need from a GPS tracker for bikes or scooters.

It has real time location tacking which is pretty accurate and with minimum time delay which is great. Company promises a time delay of 10 seconds which is good enough.

You can also get the real time speed details and also you can set a limit on how your vehicle speeds. Over-speeding limit can be known with the app if you are giving the bike or scooter to your friend.

It comes with a built in battery which has a capacity of 170mah which will help in providing antitheft notification if anyone tries to steel the bike or scooter.

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Ignition ON/OFF status can be determined by the included app. We get instant notification in the app if the ignition is turned on. This is a great feature to have if you are staying in a remote location.

It also provides 3 years of trip information which makes it one of the best GPS tracker for bike and scooter in India.

  • Good accuracy
  • 1 year plan included
  • Good support
  • Installation can be a bit tricky

LAMROD Supreme GPS Tracker for Bike and Scooter

LAMROD Supreme
LAMROD Supreme - Hidden GPS Tracker for Car,Bike, Truck with 12 Month Sim Data
  • Real Time Tracking:Track Vehicle by Mobile Msg & app or from...
  • 1 Year Included subscription of Android,IOS and Web...
  • Installation Support: Manual is given along with the...

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Top Features:

  • Live Location tracking
  • SIM card included
  • Android and iOS application
  • 1 Year of subscription
  • Vehicle travel info and details

Another GPS tracker that we can find in Indian market is from LAMROD. They are new in this segment but the products are good for the mass market.

Like other brands this also come with same set of features in a budget segment. We get Real Time Tracking for location in mobile application and also in the desktop version of the app.

You can also track old history of your travel with a button click and also know about the total kilometer that you have travelled. Also a detailed road map is achieved.

It comes with 1 year of subscription in the Android and iOS platform which makes it a great option to consider. Application is user friendly and also easy to use.

With the sim card included you can recharge the data as per your need based on the usage. With all the features on offer and good after sales support, this is another great GPS tracker for bike and scooter in India that you can check out.

  • Easy setup
  • Good accuracy
  • Features are good
  • Data plan not included


With bike and scooter theft on the rise, a GPS tracker is becoming an essential addition to your bike to keep it safer. A GPS tracker will help you track the exact location and also help you catch the person who has taken it. Above we have discussed about some of the best options available in the market which will suit your needs when it comes to location tracking and fall detection. GPS trackers also provide additional features like accident alerts which will come handy to notify the people who care for you if you are in trouble. Any option from the above list will be value for money and provide the best features in the market.

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