5 Best Pressure Washer in India for Car Cleaning 2022

Keeping out vehicles clean is a hard job. If you live in a place where there is lot of rain, your car or bike will get dirty very soon. When it comes to car cleaning, the process is time consuming and also you need to do it in the right way to get the best result. If you need to get an idea on how to clean car at home then read this post which will give you the complete process in detail to get the best result. There are some important things that you need to get the best cleaning of your car or bike. Dirt when you hit the road gets accumulated over the body of the vehicle as well as places that are usually left unnoticed. This happens commonly with people who use their cars for daily commute. To begin the process of cleaning a car, first thing that comes into mind is a pressure washer as it provides an easy cleaning even under the body of the car. Here are some of the best pressure washer in India for car cleaning.

Before we start looking for the pressure washer we need to consider a few points which will make the purchase easier. There are many models of pressure washer available in the market. When it comes to high pressure washer, it has many uses in your home. Selecting the right washer will be needed based on the attachment you get with it and also additional features that the manufacturer provide.

Best Pressure Washer in India

Usually when we think of washing a car we first go to google and search “car water wash near me” but the problem here is that the bill that you may get after the cleaning is done will be big. If you are able to do the same process in your home without spending a huge amount of money on washing the car or bike, wont that be great.

There are various manufactures in the market who have their car pressure washer, some fall in the budget category and some are in the premium segment. As we are looking into pressure washer for home use, we can check though some popular brands that are accessible and also have good products in the market.

High Pressure washer brands in India

  • Bosch
  • Karcher
  • iBell
  • Stanley
  • Black and Decker
  • ResQtech

The above mentioned are some of the best pressure washer brands in India.

Best Selling pressure washer for Car Cleaning

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Bosch is one of the top brands that you can buy and the Bosch car washer are known for the durability and the different models that are available in the market based on the price and features. Bosch also has one of the best service network in India when it comes to power tools and also car pressure washers. Bosch AQT series comes in various models based on the pressure bar rating.

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Karcher is the next most popular brand in India. Karcher Pressure washer are known on value for money and also the service that they provide. With a wide network throughout India, you will get the service done very soon and also the parts availability is good.

iBell is a brand which is having made in India pressure washers. They are mostly power tool manufacturer and the service network is huge. They have many products in the market which are known for quality and also low price. iBell pressure washer comes with minimal design and also durable build which will last long.

Stanley is a brand which does not need any introduction. They have a wide range of products in the market and also they are known for durability. Dewalt being a sub brand of Stanley is known for power tools and also the futuristic designs that they offer. Stanley car pressure washers are durable and minimal in design.

Black and Decker comes next when it comes to durable products. When we think of any tools like drill machines, Black and Decker is a brand that comes into mind first. They are now into pressure washer segment as well and with the low price and the features on offer, Back and Decker pressure washer is one of the best to consider now.

ResQtech car pressure washers are a good choice to consider if you need a value for money deal. They also have various models in Indian market. With good set of attachments available and also low price the ResQtech brand is one to go with if you want to wash your car at home.

Best Pressure Washer in India

We have seen some brands here which are popular when it come to water pressure washer in India, lets now go through some points that you may need to consider before buying a pressure washer.

Things to consider in a Car Pressure Washer

  • Water pressure
  • Attachments
  • Foam wash features
  • Weight
  • Price

Above mentioned are some points to consider before making a deal on the pressure washer that you are looking for. Let me explain the above mentioned points in detail.

Water pressure

This is factor that will determine the cleaning levels that you will get using the pressure washer. There are various models of pressure washer machine in India ranging from 100 bar to 200 bar based on the requirement. Consider the use of a car pressure washer for home, we can look a pressure not lower than 110 bar. Good pressure of water coming out from the pressure washer gun will make the cleaning of hard dirt easier. Pressure washer works in a principle of increasing the pressure of water from our pipe using a high power motor. The motor pushes the water coming from the inlet to the outlet by boosting the flow rate. This happens though a pressure hose which is connected to the pressure washer and a gun at the other end. When water exists from the pressure washer gun with small dimension hole, the water gets pointed to a specific direction making the water pressure to increase. This really works in removing heavy and hard dirt from your car or bike.


Another major thing that you may need to consider before selecting a pressure washer is the attachment that you can use with it. When you are cleaning a car, you not only need to clean the body but also underneath the vehicle. The normal nozzle that come with the pressure washers wont be great to use in such situations. There are some 90 degree attachments which make cleaning under the vehicle easy. Some manufacturers provide attachments for applying car shampoo and also reducing the gin length so that it will be comfortable to use for longer duration. Most of the cases people buy pressure washer for other purposes as well like cleaning the lawn and also tiles. It would be great if we can get the maximum number of attachments possible and also there should be option for buying other attachments that could work with the pressure washer.

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Foam Wash Features

Foam wash is the thing that makes the car pressure washer a go to thing to wash your car at home. To get the best result in car cleaning, we need to do foam wash. Normally we wont get an attachment for foam wash with the pressure washer machine but some washers have options to attach a foam wash canon making the process easier when you do at home. You need a good foam wash shampoo and the washer attachment to do the foam wash cleaning of your car or bike at home.


This is a factor that has minimum impact on how you use the pressure washer but in case you carry your car washer around with you and clean you car in different places then weight matter. Most of the pressure washers come with dedicated wheels which you can use to drag it around easily but some do not have. In case the car pressure washer is heavy and you need to keep it inside your car so that you can use it anytime, weight needs to be considered here.


As the elephant in the room, price is always a deciding factor in any purchase. With variety of options available in the market in various price range selecting one car or bike pressure washer is a hard task. Keeping price in mind and also the features that we had discussed above, getting a good deal in the price range that you are looking for will make a worth investment. Through this post, I am trying to share some information regarding the same which could help you making the right decision.

Now that we have gone though some basic concepts and points regarding the high pressure car washer, lets check some options that are available in Indian market.

Best Pressure Washer in India

Are pressure washers bad for your car?

Pressure washers are not bad for your cars and its paint. This is a common question that people have in their mind when they start looking to buy a car pressure washer. If used in the right way and the right type of settings then it will provide the best results in cleaning a car. Most of the pressure washers that we see come with a pressure rating of 110 to 130 bar which is the best for washing a car in home.

Which is the best high pressure car washer?

With a lot of options available in the market, this question is hard to answer but in my personal experience the Bosch pressure washer that we have discussed below is one of the most practical and also feasible option that you can consider. The main advantage of getting a Bosch pressure washer machine is that the availability of attachments and also the service. You can easily find parts in local shops and also the attachments are widely available.

Best Pressure Washer in India for Car Cleaning

Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watt High Pressure Washer

Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watt High Pressure Washer
Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watt High Pressure Washer
  • More cleaning performance : New 3 in 1 nozzle including fan...
  • Easier to move and store: Folding, telescopic handle and new...
  • Quieter operations : Better sound management for greater...
  • 6 months warranty
  • Power: 1500 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts,...

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Top Features:

  • 125 bar pressure
  • 1500 W
  • 3 way nozzle
  • Gun attachments
  • Low water pressure operation
  • Foam wash

To start with let’s look into one of the best selling car pressure washer that you can buy. Bosch as we had discussed above is a brand that you cannot miss when it comes to power tools and also in case of pressure washer, they have the widest range of products in Indian market.

Boch Aquakak 125 comes with a 3 in 1 nozzle with different modes like jet, roto and pencil jet mode. With the jet mode mostly used for watering plants and also cleaning work, the roto mode is the most powerful mode which you can use to clean hard dirt from floors and underneath the car. The Pencil jet mode comes very handy in cleaning the car body and also the windshields.

When it comes to attachments, Bosch has wide range of options that you can use. In the package you get the gun attachment with telescopic handle and the lifting handle to make the washing process easier. At the front of the pressure washer you get the inlet nozzle and also the turn switch for turning ON the pressure washer.

Sound is a major factor to consider with any pressure washer and Bosch has dealt with it well in this model. Compared to other car pressure washers in the market, you will experience less sound during operation. The washer has 2 wheels at the bottom helping you to take this pressure washer with you like a trolley to different places.

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This model operates at 1500 watts and 220 to 240 volts of power supply. The package comes with a 5 meter hose which will be able to handle the pressure output of the water which is 125 bar. The main feature to point out here is that even with low water pressure you can use this pressure washer to clean the car. Considering the features and the number of attachments that we can use with it, this is one of the best pressure washer in India for car cleaning.

  • Durable design
  • Low noise
  • Light weight
  • Price

Karcher k2.360 1400 watt high pressure home and car washer

Karcher k2.360 1400 watt high pressure home and car washer
Karcher K2 Compact *EU 110 bar High Pressure Washer |Flow rate - 360 l/h|4 m Hose Pipe for cleaning Homes, Cars, bikes, Garden with Multiple Accessories for efficient cleaning (Yellow/Black)
  • Material: Plastic; Color: Yellow; Package Contents: 1...
  • Connection Load -1400 W, Pressure - max. 110 / max. 11...
  • Equipped with a Quick Connect trigger gun, 4 m high-pressure...
  • It provide the full power of a pressure washer while...
  • The ergonomic carrying handle and low weight make the device...

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Top features:

  • 120 bar pressure
  • 6 Meter hose
  • 1400W
  • N-Cor pump
  • German technology
  • Multi nozzle gun
  • Detergent tank

When it comes to value for money products, Karcher is a brand that you need to consider. They also like Bosch have a wide range of pressure washers in Indian market and this model is considered to be top selling.

The Karcher K2.360 is liked by many people who like to wash their car at home. The build quality of this pressure washer is excellent and it could be felt by touching the body of the washer. It comes with N-Cor pump which could generate a pressure of 120 bar suitable for cleaning car as well as home.

When it comes to wattage, this pressure washer has a 1400W and the flow rate that we get is 360 litre per hour making it one of the low water wastage pressure washer. It has some unique attachments like Vario lance which is suitable for easily cleaning the car body and also a Dirt blaster which you can use to clean the wheels of the car and also the under body part.

With the included detergent tank, you can use this pressure washer to shampoo your car easily making the cleaning process simple. With the compact design and light weight, you can carry this pressure washer around easily for cleaning your lawn as well as furniture easily.

Having a small form factor and upright design makes it easy to store in your garage and also the quality of the accessories that come with the pressure washer is good and will last for long. It comes with a 6 meter hose which is great for cleaning your car from all directions.

Consider the use of german technology and also 1 year of warranty this is one of the best car washer in India that you can buy today.

  • Good pressure
  • Durable design
  • Light weight
  • Sound should be less

BLACK+DECKER BW17-IN 1700W 130 Bar Pressure washer

BLACK+DECKER BW17-IN 1700W 130 Bar 420 L/hr Pressure Washer (Red and Black)
  • Maximum Pressure: 130 Bar. Universal Motor Maximum Flow...
  • Power: 1700 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts
  • High Efficiency spray gun with both Adjustable spray Nozzle...
  • Pressure washing is useful for businesses and homeowners to...
  • Includes: Pressure washer, Hose, Lance, Gun with safety...

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Top Features

  • 130 bar pressure
  • 1700W
  • Multi spray nozzle
  • Wire and hose management options
  • Long hose
  • Detergent tank

If you are looking for the best pressure washer for cleaning SUV in India then the Back + Decker BW-17IN should be in your list. This is one of the most powerful pressure washer that you can buy for home use. It comes with a sleek design and also some unique features in this segment.

With a futuristic design it offers 130 bar of pressure suitable for cleaning some hard dirt under your car or SUV. If you do off roading then you may know how much dirt is accumulated under your SUV which is very hard to clean, You need good pressure water flow to clean such dirt. This washer will be a good option to consider as it has 1700W power and also operates in 220 to 240 volt range.

The spray gun that comes with it this pressure washer is of high efficiency and also you get many adjustments with the spray nozzles for various types of use. The milling effect that this nozzle provides some of the best cleaning experience that you can get.

Many professional car detailing and also workshops use this model of car pressure washer so that they can achieve the best results. It comes with various attachments in the box like the hose, lance, water filter and detergent dispenser which will suit your need of cleaning the car.

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Black and decker has considered sound management to a great deal due to which the sound from this pressure washer is less compared to others in this list. With a dedicated rotating handle for wire management and hose storage space in the pressure washer it comes really handy when you carry it around.

With good set of features and attachments out of the box, this is a good option to consider for cleaning your car and home.

  • Low sound
  • Good power
  • Durable build
  • Power consumption

iBELL WIND55 Flow High Pressure Washer


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Top features:

  • 130 bar pressure
  • 1600W
  • 5 meter hose
  • Wheels for moving the washer
  • 7 litre/min water spray
  • Easy attachment

In the search if best pressure washer under 10000, iBell is a brand that can be considered with most features in a budget price range. iBell makes products in India and also have a wide network for service and sales.

This is one of the attractive looking car washer pump that you can buy. It comes with some unique set of features that other brands in this price range does not offer. It has a water pressure rating of 130 bar suitable for cleaning your car and also home.

Like other pressure washers that we had discussed in this section, this model also comes with variable nozzle which you can use for various types of cleaning like cleaning car, or lawn and tiles. The pressure from this washer is adequate to remove most of the dirt from the surface in one go.

When it comes to power and wattage, this car washer is rated at 1600W which is good for home related purposes. The universal motor used here is efficient and produces less sound which is good to use in a household with lot of other homes near by.

In the package you get a 5 meter high pressure hose which you can use to connect the washer with the gun while washing. The pressure is made of good quality material and will last really long. the pressure washer is rated to spray 7 litre of water in a minute which is good in case you need to clean a large area in your home or a big vehicle like SUV or Van.

You will get high quality wheels which are smooth to drag the pressure washer around and also they are made of durable plastic making it smooth while moving the washer. The attachments that come with the washer are also of good quality and come with easy attach feature so that you can connect and remove them easily without any time waste.

iBell having a good network for service in India and also the features that you get with the washer are good. Combining all the points and features in a package, this is one of the best pressure washer in India for home and car cleaning.

  • Attractive design
  • Good water pressure
  • Low Noise
  • Power consumption

ResQTech RSQ-PW103

ResQTech RSQ-PW103
ResQTech 1500 Watt 125 Bar High Pressure Washer RSQ-PW125
  • ULTRA POWERFUL CLEANING FORCE : Powerful 1500-watt motor...
  • VERSATILE : RSQ-PW 125 comes with Patented 90 Degree nozzle...
  • SAVE WATER OVER A GARDEN HOSE: Up to 80% over a standard...
  • TSS (Total Stop System): Automatically shuts off pump when...
  • Comes with 1 year warranty NO QUESTIONS ASKED ,Contact...

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Top Features:

  • 125 bar pressure
  • 1500 watts motor
  • 90 degree nozzle included
  • 3 Meter hose
  • 1 year warranty

In case you are in a budget and you need the best pressure washer under 5000 for car cleaning then you should consider the ResQTech RSQ-PW103 as it comes with most of the features that high priced car pressure washer come with in a budget price.

This is a high pressure car washer pump with a motor of 1500 Watts which is good under this price range. The pressure of water that you can get here is 125 bar and the water output rate is 350 litre per hour which is good for a pressure washer in a budget of 5000 Rs.

You can use this machine to clean car and also bike also you can clean your home as well as garden using the different type of nozzle attachment that we get in it. It comes with a 90 degree nozzle which comes handy while cleaning under the car. The nozzle provides enough power to blast through all the dirt and dust in the wheels as well as underbody of the car.

If you need to do a shampoo wash on you car then you have it covered here with the detergent spray nozzle. The hose that comes with is 3 meter. Even though it’s smaller compared to other pressure washers that we have seen in this list you will be able to clean you car at home easily.

One thing you need to consider here is that this pressure washer needs a 15 amp plug to operate. Even with low water pressure you can achieve great amount of cleaning with this pressure washer. Even if the product falls in budget segment, company has taken care of the build quality of the washer as well as the attachments that you get.

This machine comes with total stop system which stops the motor when not in use to conserve electricity. With the durable design and 1 year of warranty this is one of the best pressure washer in India for car cleaning in home.

  • Durable design
  • Good pressure
  • Easy attachement
  • Hose length is short


Cleaning a dirty Car or Bike is a hectic process. If it’s not done properly the the body of the car or any vehicle get damaged. When it comes to doing a foam wash a pressure washer is a machine that makes the process easy and complete. Spending a huge amount of money just for cleaning a car is not that great since now a days we have tools that we can use it ourselves easily and do a good cleaning of our vehicles at home. Here in this post, I have tried to explain some of the basic points to consider when it comes to car cleaning and what you may need to consider while getting a pressure washer for car cleaning in India. Share if you like it.

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