7 Best Tyre Inflator for Car in India 2022 with Pros and Cons

Cars and Bikes are becoming an integral part of our life. Now a days most of the people prefer travelling in personal transport than public transport. Travelling is good but we need to keep the necessary gears ready in case of any issues happen while travelling. People like going for a road trip and while on a road trip if our tyre gets punctured or looses its air, its hard to find a mechanic shop in remote areas to fill it up back. In this case its good to carry a tyre inflator with us which comes really handy. Tyre Inflators are devices that blow pressurised air to fill it in the car tyre. Here let’s see some of the best tyre inflator for car in India that you can buy in 2022.

Best Tyre Inflator for Car In India

Buyers Guide for Tyre Inflator for Car

Why we need a Car Tyre inflator?

As we know all the vehicles that we travel on have wheels and tyres. We need to fill air in the vehicle tyre for it to run smooth. A tyre inflator is a device that makes this process smooth. You might have seen manual tyre inflators that we had used in our bicycles for generations. But people prefer electric tyre inflators which make the process real easy.

Best Selling Car Tyre Inflators

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There are basically two types of inflators one which needs connection to the 220V plug that we have in out home and recently we have 12V tyre inflators that we can connect to the 12V point in our car and use it in any location.

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Which is the best car TYRE inflator?

Tyre inflators should be selected based on the type of car that you are using. If its an SUV you will have bigger tyres which will need a high pressure tyre inflator which can fill air into the wheels. When it comes to normal Zeiden and hatchback normal tyre inflator like Amazon basic tyre inflator that we discussed above will be enough.

What is TYRE inflator for?

Tyre inflator as the name suggest is to inflate a tyre by filling air inside it. There are various type of tyre inflators in the market which can be used for other purposes as well like inflating a football or balloons. Basic purpose of a tyre inflator is to fill air in tyres of cars, bikes, cycles and other vehicles.

What is the best portable air compressor for tires?

If you are looking for the best portable air compressor then the model from MICHELIN is one of the best and most reliable tyre compressor available in the market. MICHELIN 12266 is the most powerful tyre inflator that you can get in India which is portable and you can easily carry it with you. You can use this tyre inflator for normal cars as well as SUV which makes it one of the best tyre inflator in India that you can buy today.

Should I buy TYRE inflator?

Yes of-course you should if you own a car. Any time when you go out to remote places where you may not find a petrol pump or car repair shop, a tyre inflator will come handy if you feel that the tyre pressure is less on your car wheels. Also in case any of your car tyres get punctured in between, you can temporarily inflate the tyre and ride your car to near by shop and get it fixed. It comes really handy in many situations.

The process is as simple as charging your phone in your car. Most of the car’s will have the 12 V socket which you use to connect the mobile charger, with a tyre inflator also you get the 12V connector which you can connect to the 12 V cigarette lighter port of your car to start it. Once you have done it connect the tube that has a nozzle attached to the tyre inflator machine to the wheels air nozzle. Set the pressure on the tyre inflator display using the plus and minus buttons. Start the tyre inflator and wait for the pressure to reach the amount that you have set on the tyre inflator. Thats it the tyre inflator will automatically shut off once the desired pressure is reached on the car tyre air.

Does inflator drain battery?

Yes they drain battery if you use a tyre inflator without the engine of the car running. Which ever device that is connected to the car 12V power socket will drain its battery. To use a tyre inflator, you should first start your car and keep the engine running while you fill the air inside the wheels. This will help to keep the battery stable and also avoid any fuse blows in the car.

How a Tyre inflator works?

Tyre inflator as we know works with pushing air to the wheels which we connect it to. It basically has 3 components.

Best Tyre Inflator for Car
  1. A body which houses the motor that produces pressurised air which is pushed to the tyre. The motor generates pressure measured in PSI which can be set in the adjustment provided in a digital tyre inflator. You can set a preset value for which your car is rated for. EX 33 PSI or 34 PSI. It depends on the load that you are going to carry in your car.
  2. A hose pipe: This is the part that connect the tyre inflator to the car wheels. This is a strong tube to withhold the pressure of air that comes out of the tyre inflator motor.
  3. A electrical line. This comes as a lengthy wire which can be connected to a 12V socket in your car. There are adaptors available in the market which you can use to connect this 12V socket to a 220V supply as well.



A conventional tyre inflator that we see in shops are huge in size and we may not be able to carry them around. But as a portable tyre inflator, it solves those issues and are easy to carry them. When ever its needed we can take it out and fill air to our vehicle wheels.

Increasing Tyre life

We should always keep an eye on the tyre pressure. Lower tire pressure will reduce the life of the tyres in long run. If we have a tyre inflator with us we can maintain the pressure all the time and keep the life of the tyres going good.

Time saving

When we go for a trip in our car in case of we run into a trouble with low air pressure or puncture, a tyre inflator will come handy. We do not need to waste our time finding a workshop and reduces hassle.

Ease of use

Modern portable tyre inflators are easy to use and they provide accurate value of pressure inside the tyre. This is good so that our ride is safe and tension free.

Best Tyre Inflator for Car in India

Let’s not checkout some of the best tyre inflators for car in India 2022 that you can buy for your car.

AmazonBasics Digital Tyre Inflator 

AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator
AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case
  • Compact 12-volt portable tyre inflator for adding air to...
  • For tyres with a 120 PSI rating; 22 L/M free flow at 0 PSI
  • 10-foot power cord reaches all tyres comfortably
  • Long 23.6-inch air hose easily reaches all tyres
  • Inflate tyres for scooters, motorcycles and cars

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  • LED torch light included.
  • 12 V connector
  • 10 Foot power cord
  • 23.6 inch air hose
  • Digital Gauge

This is one of the popular tyre inflator that is being sold in India. It provides some good features in low price range.

This tyre inflator comes from Amazon brand and is very commonly available online. It is a 12V portable tyre inflator which can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter port.

AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator

The rating that it provides is 120 PSI and a 22 L/M free flow at 0 PSI. The main advantage of this tyre inflator is that it comes with 10 foot power cord which can be used to inflate all the tyres on your car.

The air hose length is good enough which comes around 23.6 inch and can reach all tyres easily.

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You can use this inflator for cars, bikes and scoters. It also comes with adaptors for filling air inside footballs and toys.

AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator

Another nice feature that it offers is, it comes with Digital gauge which can be use to keep track of the pressure of the air that you are putting into wheels. On excess pressure there is a auto cutoff function which really helps to avoid over filling of air into the wheels.

It comes with an LED torch inbuilt which comes handy while you need to fill air in dark situations.

  • 10 Feet cord
  • Good Build Quality
  • Digital Gauge
  • Bit more air pressure needed

TUSA Tyre inflator

TUSA tyre inflator
TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator - 12V DC Portable Air Compressor with LED Light
  • Swift Operation: Can inflate a tyre from flat to 30...
  • Longer Cable: the 12.10 feet (3.70 M) cable can reach any of...
  • Inbuilt Pressure Gauge: Use it not just to pump air but also...
  • Automatic Shut Off: No need to power off, the device shuts...
  • Warranty and Service – 1-year warranty is provided along...

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  • LED torch
  • 30 PSI in 4 minutes
  • High build Quality

Tusa is a popular brand when it comes to tyre inflators, they have variety of range in this segment and the products are Unique looking and durable in nature. This model looks unique and attractive.

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It packs all the needed features and is durable. It provides swift operation which can help to inflate a tyre very fast. Company claims it can inflate from flat to 30PSI in just 4 minutes which is great in this price range.

TUSA tyre inflator

The cable length is an added advantage as it gives 2.10 feet(3.70m) power cord which makes it really convenient to fill air in all the wheels of your car.

This inflator has a pressure gauge that you can use to determine the present pressure of the car or bike wheels and fill in the air accordingly.

Automatic shut off is a feature which makes the tyre inflator to shut off when the desired pressure is reached.

It comes with a digital display with really helps in knowing the accurate pressure of your car wheels.

The LED light comes handy when you are filling air in your car in dark situations. In my personal use the lights are really bright and provides enough illumination in dark environment.

TUSA tyre inflator

This tyre inflator is portable with 9.4 inch of length and 5.9 inch of width by which it can fit in any place of your car very easily and you can carry it around.

Tusa provides a carry case for this tyre inflator which keeps it safe and easy to carry. If you are looking for best tyre inflator for car in India then this is one of the first option to consider.

  • Excellent build
  • Fast Air filling
  • Torch light
  • Length of the hose should be more

MICHELIN 12266 Tyre Inflator

MICHELIN 12265 Digital High Power Tyre Inflator with USB Mobile Charging, 12V DC Socket, LED Lights, and Large Back lit Display
  • Compatiblity: All cars, SUV's, Trailers & Motorcycles
  • Digital gauge accurate to +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI.
  • Rapid Inflation - 0-30 PSI in approx 3 minutes.*
  • Switchable between PSI, BAR & kPa.
  • White LCD display.

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  • Excellent Build
  • Digital Display
  • High pressure

When it comes to tyre, Michelin is one of the brand that cant be skipped. They are one of the top tire manufacturer in the world. They also have some other products that make your driving experience good.

This is the tyre inflator that provides a value for money deal. It’s well built and provides all the top needed features. Michelin 12266 is made up of hard plastics and can last really long for any type of abuse.


It can be used with all cars, SUV’s and Trailers which is great and for filling air in large vehicles the tyre inflator should be capable of doing it as the tyre pressure needed in this case is higher.

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We can find pressure preset function here which helps in accurately determining the amount of pressure needed for a wheel. As per the company it can fill from 0 to 30 PSI in just 3 minutes which is really good in this price range.

You can switch the meter from PSI to BAR and KPA. It comes with white LCD display which provides the exact reading of the pressure set for filling a wheel.


This tyre inflator comes with 60cm long high pressure air hose which can be used to fill air in all type of wheels.

It also comes with a USB power socket which can be used to charge mobile phones. The design of this tyre inflator

  • Excellent build
  • Digital display
  • High pressure
  • Pricey

Bergmann Typhoon

Bergmann Typhoon
Bergmann Typhoon Digital Heavy-Duty Metal Tyre Inflator with Auto Cut-Off & LED Light (BCT-150D) - Wine Red
  • [SOLID METAL BODY INFLATOR] - Unlike other plastic inflators...
  • [SAY NO TO PLASTIC INFLATORS] – Most plastic body air...
  • [FASTER INFLATION] – The technologically advanced...
  • [DIGITAL GAUGE IN PSI WITH AUTO CUT-OFF] – High precision,...
  • [WITH BRAIDED RUBBER AIR HOSE] – With , thick, braided...

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  • High quality build
  • Torch light included
  • Fast air flow

If you are looking for a solid built tyre inflator which is made of metal then this is the choice to consider. The Bergmann Typhoon is a heavy duty metal car tyre inflator which is build with metal and can last really long.

It comes with 150W direct drive heavy duty copper core motor which gives super fast inflation of any tire.

Bergmann Typhoon

Company has mentioned as it can reach from 0 to 30 psi in just 2 minutes which is great for a tyre inflator in this price range.

Bergmann comes with a high accuracy pressure gauge which tells the exact pressure levels in your tyres and also you can determine how much air you are filling into the tyres.

It comes with braided and heat proof hose which is expected to last long. This tyre inflater comes with anti vibration rubber feet which keeps the inflator stable on the floor while inflating a tyre.

Bergmann Typhoon

Also as a feature we have LED torch light in this which is really useful while filing air during the night time. The brass nozzle at the hose makes it mode durable and hose will last longer.

As a package it comes with storage bag which you can use while travelling. Company has provided separate nozzles for different purposes and an extra fuse in the box for safety needs.

  • Good Build
  • Torch light included
  • Low price
  • Hose length could be more

iBELL Tyre Inflator

iBELL Inflator

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  • Led torch light included
  • Digital Display
  • High PSI levels

iBell is a power tool manufacturer in India and they have many products in different category. They are known for quality equipments in cheaper rate compared to others. This tyre inflator from iBell is made of good quality material and is verify durable.

As other tyre inflators this also comes with an inbuilt LED torch light which comes handy during night time.

It comes with a digital display to check the pressure of the tyre and the needed pressure that you are planning to put in. The tube used is woven which increases the strength of the tube and last longer.

iBELL Inflator

At the bottom of the tyre inflator we can see a rubber pad which keeps the machine stable in one place.

As per the company its mentioned as the inflator can produce 35 PSI of air in 4 minutes which is good for this price.

This machine can be used in SUV’s, Car’s, Bikes’s and Cycles as well. It comes with all needed attachment and a fuse for safety purpose.

iBELL Inflator
  • Low price
  • Easily Available
  • Build quality can be better

Voroly Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

Voroly Heavy Duty Car Tyre Inflator

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  • Digital Display
  • 10 Feet Cable
  • Auto Cut Off features
  • Durable design
  • Torch Light

If you are looking for a Heavy Duty Car tyre inflator for SUV then there are only limited number of options available in the market.

With automatic tyre air filling functionality, the Veroly Heavy duty car tyre inflator is one of the best inflator in India for heavy vehicles. This has an Auto cut off features that cuts off the air compressor when the tyre pressure is reached.

Voroly Heavy Duty Car Tyre Inflator

It comes with Digital LED display which provides the exact tyre pressure reading and also the set pressure reading and is calibrated to reach the accuracy that you may need.

Torch lights come handy while you are travelling. This tyre inflator comes with inbuilt torch light which you can use if your tyre got punctured at night and you want to change it.

With the 10 feet long cable, you can reach any tyre from any position that you have connected the tyre inflator to the power supply. This tyre inflator being suitable for SUV, CAR, BIKE, Cycle is a good option to consider.

  • Durable Design
  • Fast Tyre inflation
  • Suitable for SUV
  • A bit bulky

Woscher 801 Rapid Performance Tyre Inflator

Woscher 801 Rapid Performance Car Tyre Inflator
Woscher Rapid Performance Portable Tyre Inflator (12V) with LED Light
  • Fast and powerful - this nicely sized portable air pump can...
  • Long charging cable- at 3m (12 feet) long, the power cord of...
  • Wide range of uses- the wide range of uses this pump offers...
  • Easy operation- three read units to make it easier and more...
  • Built in led- this Woscher tyre inflator comes with built in...

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  • Good build quality
  • LED torch Light
  • 12 Meter Cable
  • 3 Nozzles

In case you are looking for the best tyre Inflator in India then Woscher has many options available in Indian market. This model from Woscher is the best selling car tyre inflator that you can buy today.

It comes with an analog pressure meter which provide accurate reading of the tyre pressure as well as the pressure that you have set on the tyre inflator. You can set the accurate value of pressure that you need to fill in your car tyre.

Best Tyre inflator for car

As other tyre inflators, this also has a built in LED torch light which makes travelling at night easy in case you have any need of changing tyres.

For Hatchback and Sedan this tyre inflator will be perfect as this can fill the tyre from 0 to 35 PSI in just 2 minutes. The max pressure that you can get with this tyre inflator is 120 PSI.

Made of durable plastic, you can put it inside the car and no need to worry of it getting damaged.With the 2 additional air flow nozzles, you can use this tyre inflator for many other purposes like inflating tyre of Car, Bike, Motor bike, SUV and also balls and balloons.

With a long cable of 12 feet you can easily cover all the wheels in your vehicle and fill air freely. The cable wires are made of good quality material and also can with stand squeezing and stretching.

  • Good build quality
  • Long Cable
  • LED light
  • Digital display needed


best tyre inflator for cars

As we have discussed earlier, a tyre inflator can be really handy in bad situation while you travel. Here we have sorted out some of the best tyre inflator for car in India which you can buy for your car. Any of the options listed above will be a good deal and will satisfy your needs.

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