Best All in One Printer for home use in India 2021

Printing is a process that we have been using for long time. Printers are really come handy for printing a document or a picture. Usually hard copies are still prefered in many places than soft copies. Each time when you need a print out its not possible to run to.a near by shop for getting a print out Instead if we have a printer at home then the process becomes simple. Today let’s see some of the best all in one printer for home use in India.

Best Sellers in All in One Printers

Best All in One Printer for home use

We might have heard aout dot matrix printers and they are still being used in many places as they print in a low price and also they are easily available. From dot matrix we have now reached on 3D printing where we can print a 3D image or any object. Isn’t that great.

Best All in One Printer for home use

Best All in One Printer for home use

Why you need a printer?

Printer as I said earlier comes really handy in printing documents. There are many other advantages of having a printer. You can store some important files as doucments at your home or incase you are a student then you can download some books and take printout and use it for your studies.

Like this the uses goes on. As here we are talking about All in one printers here we can discuss how it can help make your life easier.

What is an All in One Printer?

Usually a printer is known for doing printing jobs but now a days printer comes with multiple options inbuilt within them so that they can scan a document, Photo copy a document and Fax a scanned document. Some printers also can print your passport and full size photographs as well.

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Bacally an All in one printer would have the following options

  1. Printing
  2. Scanning
  3. Photo copy
  4. Fax

Wireless or Wifi Printers

Recent days wireless printers are becoming more and more popular because this can help you print your document without the use of a PC or laptop directly connected to the printer.

They have Wifi built in so that you can give printer an instruction to print a specific document or photo any-were from your home on any device connected to wifi like mobiles, laptops , Tablets or PC.

This feature comes really handy as you can avoid using wires and the process becomes simple and easy.

Printing through email

So recent generation of printers can print through email as well. You will have a specific email where you need to send the document and the printer will print it. This is really handy if you need to send a document directly to some one and take print out.

As we are talking about printers let;s checkout some common printer types.

Types of Printers

  1. Inkjet printers
  2. Ink Tank Printers
  3. Laser Printers

Let’s check the above printers in detail.

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Types of All in One Printers for Home and Office use

Inkjet Printers

This type of printer is most commonly found in households and local shops as they come in variety of options and also they are cheap. They are mostly used for printing documents and photographs.

This printers can be used for occasional printing as we do it in our home. Advantages of these printers is that they are affordable. The cost of cartridge used here is high and the refill or cartridge are available easily.

The process of printing is based on heating of ionisable ink and spraying it with a nozzle on the paper to produce patterns matching the print job.

Problem with these type of printers are they are slow in printing and usually you can print less than 20 pages in a minute.

Some Popular Ink Jet Printers

Ink tank Printers

This is the way to go if you have lot of printing work. These printers will have Ink reservoirs and they can do continuous printing for more that 5000 pages with one refill.

We can refill the ink regularly and easily and they keep doing their work without any issues. Problem with these printers are they are pricey and they come in the teritory of a laser printer in pricing.

You can go for a these printers depending on the amount of printing that you need to do.

The functionality of an Ink tank printer is similar to an Ink jet printer. These type of printers are suitable for office and business purposes.

Some Popular Ink Tank Printers

Laser printers

This being suitable for office and business use can print in monochrome in fast and efficient way. They can easily print documents in no time and they produce some quality prints as well.

The process of printing in a laser printer is completely different compared to an Ink Jet or Ink Tank printer. We will have a drum in the laser printer and an electrostatic toner which transfers the print onto the paper. The same process happens in scanning and image printing as well. The drum fuses the ink to the paper by heating.

In case you have used a laser printer then you must have noticed as the out coming paper will be hot.

The problems with laser printer is that its very costly and the toner used here comes in high price.

Before buying an All in one printer you need to consider some things.

Some Popular Laser Printers

Best All in One Printer for home use buyer’s guide

  1. Purpose
  2. Features
  3. Price
  4. Cartridge price


We buy a printer for a purpose. Main of which is printing. But an All in one printer has more options like Scanning and photo copying and Fax options as well. Its good to have all features but these features comes with a cost.

If you need all the options and you need to edit and rewrite lot of documents also your business need to send fax to other people then All in one printer is a good option.

In case you just need to print documents and store it or refer it later a single function printer will do good for you.


We have discussed some basic features of an All in one printer but there are some additional features in recent day printers coming to the market. People don’t like wires running around so they are preferring wireless printers which can avoid the hassle of connection using wires and also can be accesed with any device connected to the network.

This features make printing easy and the printer can be shared with multiple people. You don’t need a desktop or a laptop for using the printer.

You can use the printer from your smartphone as well which makes printing an easy process.

Similarly another feature is cloud printing. There are printers that support cloud printing which will help to print from any where using cloud services. There are services like google cloud printing using which you can give instructions to your printer from any were in the world to print a document or a photo.


If you are looking for a printer then price is one of the major factors that you need to consider. In case you are looking for a high end printer you can expect that the price will be high, but if you are in a budget and you need an all in one printer then you should consider a price range. Here you need to check some of the best all in one printers under 10000Rs which will have all the latest features that you may be looking for.

Laser printers usually are priced above 10000 Rs. So you will need to find a printer with all the latest bells and whistles under a certain price range.

Now that we have discussed about some basic printer types and the things to consider before buying a printer. we can check out some of the Best all in one printer for home use in India

Here I have classified all in one printers based on Price which is a major factor that all of us consider.

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Best All in One Printer under 5000 Rs

These printers are under 5000 Rs but can be also considered as best all in one printers for regular use as well. The basic options that you can consider here is that it should handle all your printing jobs as well as it should be able to print photos and your documents.

Canon PIXMA MG2577s All in One Inkjet Colour Printer

Canon PIXMA MG2577s All in One Inkjet Colour Printer

Canon being one of the major players in printer market has some good options under 5000 Rs category. This model the Pixma MG2577s is a popular model from Canon in this segment. This is an All-in-one printer having Print, scan and copy.

Its a color printer which can take both black and white and color printouts.


  • Inkjet printer with all in one options like print, scan and copy
  • It comes with USB connectivity and is compatible with all OS versions.
  • Print speed is 8 Print for black and white and 4 prints for color in a minute
  • Cost per page is 7 Rs for black and white and 9 rupees for color
  • All basic page sizes supported ex: a1,a5 and b5
  • Low price
  • Print, scan and Copy options available
  • Price of cartridge is less compared to other printers in this segment
  • Compact and well built
  • Print speed is very slow
  • Quality of prints needs to be improved
  • Print cost is high
  • No LCD display
  • No wireless support

HP DeskJet 2331 All in One Inkjet Colour Printer

HP DeskJet 2331 All in One Inkjet Colour Printer

HP is known for computer accessories and this printer model the Deskjet 2331 is one of the best option in this segment of best all in one printers under 5000. This model attracted me due to its simple design and elegant look.

The printer is very well built and plastics used are of good quality. It’s a multi function printer and it can be used for printing, scanning and photo copy. The advantage here is that it is available in various local stores throughout India which makes it a go to option.


  • Multi function printer with Print, Scan and Copy options.
  • High speed USB 2.0 connection.
  • 120 Page print in a single refill.
  • Page speed 12 prints for black and 8 color prints in a minute.
  • Cost per print 5 Rs for black and 10 Rs for color.
  • Quality printing
  • All in one Print, Scan and Copy options
  • Good printing speed
  • Good quality build
  • Easily available printer cartridges
  • Higher price
  • High per page print price
  • No wireless option

Now the above mentioned are some of the best options in printers under 5000Rs

In case the features mentioned in the above printers are not enough for you then we can check the next category of best all in one printers for home use in India under 10000 Rs

In the range under 10000 Rs we can expect printers with following features

  1. Wireless printing
  2. Cloud printing
  3. Faster printer out put
  4. Lower printing cost

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Best All in One Printers under 10000 Rs

HP DeskJet 4729 All-in-One Ultra Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer

HP DeskJet 4729 All-in-One Ultra Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer

This one is one of the feature rich printer that I noticed under this category. It has all the features that you should look for a best all in one printer for home use in India. This model from HP the deskjet 4729 is an All in One printer with ink advantage feature.

It has the main feature that most of you might be looking for that is Wifi. This is.a wireless printer and it can do wireless printing and scanning of documents with the compatible Hp app installed in your phone or tablet.

Another thing that made me like this printer is that it has some smart features that no other printer in this category has to offer. Its having support of google assistant and Alexa which will help to controls the basic functionalities of this printer using your voice.


  • All in One printer with Print, Scan and Copy functions
  • Scanner type Flat bed scanner
  • Voice assistant support with Google assistant and Alexa
  • Wifi enabled printer for wireless printing and scanning
  • USB connection option available
  • LDC display for basic operations and control.
  • Idle for Home and Office purposes.
  • All in One printer
  • Wifi enabled for wireless printing and scanning
  • Alexa and google assistant support
  • High speed printing
  • Low cost printing
  • LCD display for basic operations and control
  • Bit on the pricier side
  • Availability is limited.
  • Cartridge price is high

Canon E4270 All in One Ink Efficient WiFi Printer 

Canon E4270 All in One Ink Efficient WiFi Printer

Canon as we discussed earlier in the segment of printers under 5000 brings some of the best options in printers in Indian market. In the case of best printers under 10000 Rs this model Canon E4270 can be considered as an allrounder.

It has all the features that you may be looking in an all in one pinter for home use. This printer model from canon comes with Wifi enabled and also has options like Copy, Scan, Fax and Duplex printing.

Duplex Printing: This is a process where a printer can print both sides of the paper at a time which will save time and usage of paper and comes handy in certain situations.


  • Wifi enabled printer for wireless printing
  • Duplex printing for double side print at the same time
  • Scan, Copy and Fax options available
  • Low cost cartridges makes it a plus
  • Document removal reminder helps to keep track of things left back in the printer.
  • Message in print helps to send messages to the printer and print it.
  • Pixma cloud support helps to print document from cloud which helps in giving print instructions from anywhere int the world.

Now that we have checked some of the best all in one printers for home under under 5000 and 10000 Rs we can check some specific categories of printers that we had discussed under the printer types.

Best InkJet printers for Home and Office use

This can be considered as one of the most common category in Best all in one printer for home use where most of the manufactures concentrate because these type of printers are sold the most in Indian market.

These printers are mostly used in Business and Home purposes like printing documents for signing and also students use to download books and their study materials and take printout for reference. These printers are good in printing documents as well as PDF.

The limitations of these printers are they print less number of pages using a single cartridge due to which you may need to either refill the cartridge or replace it regularly. This will increase your expense.

Cartridges of these type of printers have a high price so a refill will be a better option here.

Following are some of the best inkjet printers for home use in India.

HP DeskJet 2332 All in One Inkjet Colour Printer

HP DeskJet 2332 All in One Inkjet Colour Printer

HP are good at making inkjet printers and this model is one of the popular models available in the market. I am saying it as a popular model because, when I visited stores this model was available in most of them.

As per the store people this was selling good and had less complaints.

This is an all in one printer that you can buy under 4000 Rs in the market as well as from online. It has functionalities like Scan, Copy and Print.

It comes with a high speed USB 2.0 Connectivity which is a plus and HP is providing 1 year of warranty.

As per the sellers this printer provides good print quality and the speed is also descent.


  • Inkjet printer with All in One functions like Print, Scan and Copy
  • High speed USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • 1 Year Warranty from HP
  • Print speed is 20 Pages per minute for drafts and 7 Pages for ISO and also for color it prints 5 pages per minute.
  • It supports all the common paper sizes.
  • All the Operating systems are supported.
  • Good quality build and plastic used
  • Nice and easy to use controls
  • Print quality is good
  • easily available in the market and online
  • Minimalistic design
  • All in One printer
  • Print speed is a bit less
  • Printer Cartridges are costly

Canon Pixma E470 All in One Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma E470

Canon as we discussed earlier is one of the popular brands in printers in India. This model from Canon the Pixma E470 os a good option if you are considering to buy a printer for home use. This has a minimalistic design and comes in black color.

The controls in this printer are easy to read and the buttons are well built. Its a multi function printer with Scan, print and Copy features. it comes with a flatbed scanner which is standard in this segment.

Canon printers are easy to be found in local market and the parts can also be found.


  • All in One printer with Scan, Print and Copy features.
  • High speed USB 2.0 Available
  • Printing speed 4 Pages per minute
  • optical sensor resolution is 6000* 1200DPI
  • All Operating systems supported including Windows and Mac
  • All in One printer
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Good Optical sensor resolution
  • Easily available parts
  • Price can be lower
  • Printing speed is low

The above mentioned are some of the best Inkjet printers in India that you can buy for home and office use.

In case you need to print lot of documents and PDF’s then an InkJet printer would not be enough because the limited number of pages that it can print using one Cartridge. You may need to regularly refill the cartridge or need to buy a new one which adds to your expense. For that there are other options like Ink Tank printers which we had discussed in earlier section of Ink Tank printers in Best all in one printer for home use.

Best Ink Tank Printers for Home and Office use

Ink Tank printers are good for taking large number of prints as they have a seperate storage for Ink that you can easily refill.

HP 310 All in One Ink Tank Colour Printer

HP 310

As I had mentioned earlier an Ink Tank printer is a bit on the costlier side but they come with all the basic features that you may need from a printer. This model HP 310 is an All in One Ink Tank printer which performs really well.

This printer was available in various stores I visited and the reviews from the shops were positive. This is an All in one printer with Print, Scan and Copy functionalities. It comes with Flatbed scanner and it has good printing speeds as well.


  • All in one printer with Print, Scan and Copy functions
  • Flatbed scanner type
  • It can print upto 7 pages in 1 minute and can scan an A4 sheet in 21 seconds which is pretty good figure.
  • Cost of printing is 10 Paise for Black and white and 18 paise for color
  • Monthly recommended prints are around 1000.
  • High speed printing
  • Large ink storage for 1000 prints per month
  • Low cost printing
  • Easily available in the market
  • All in One printer
  • High cost
  • No Display available
  • No Wireless connectivity

Brother DCP-T710W Inktank Refill System Printer

Brother DCP-T710W Inktank Refill System Printer

Brothers printer are first time in this review as they are in the costlier side and we have discussed some budget segment printers till now here. The Brothers brand is one of the oldest and popular brands in printers market. They produce some high quality products that you can buy without any doubt.

I have noticed that the service centres are still limited in India for this brand but we cannot underestimate the brand with their service.

This model Brother DCP-T710W  is one of the popular printers available in the Ink Tank printer segment. As per the user reviews this printer produces some excellent prints in a fast rate. This has all the popular connectivity features that one will be looking for including Wifi, Wifi direct and USB.

The thing that I liked in this printer is that the interface is clear and easy to read and even the ink levels can be seen clearly.


  • Ink Tank printer
  • Printer comes with Wifi, Wifi Direct and USB connectivity
  • All in One printer with Printer, Scan and Copy functionality
  • All common page sizes supported
  • High speed printing
  • High capacity ink storage
  • High speed printing
  • LCD display for controls and printing
  • Easy refill options
  • Mobile app for printing
  • Wifi and Wifi direct connectivity
  • Easy operations and controls
  • High on Price
  • Availability is less
  • Service centres are limited.

In the above section we have discussed some of the best ink tank printers that you can buy for home and office use.

Here are we have discussed earlier in the best all in one printers for home use in India we need to check laser printers as well as they are one of the popular printer types used in home and office.

Best Laser Printers for Home and Office use

Laser print are the option to go for if you want to do fast printing and economy printing. These types of printer are known for their speed and efficiency. They are basically quick in producing printout and the quality of prints are good. Here we need to consider later printers if we are looking for some of the Best all in one printer for home use.

They basically come in Monochrome and there are variety of brands that bring laser printers to the market. Following are some of the most popular laser printer that you could buy.

HP Neverstop Laser Multi-Function printer

HP Neverstop Laser Multi-Function

As we have discussed about HP many times we know that they have wide range of printers in the market. The laser models are most popular one in Laser printer segment. This model Hp Never stop for me looks like a refreshing design from common printer models available in the market.

This printer is definitely a looker as it can easily attract people and start a conversation on this.

As per the reviews this printer is fast and produces excellent quality printouts. Its a multi function printer which can be used for Print, Scan and Copy. It has a page yield of 5K pages and Hp provides warranty of 1 year.

Connectivity option available in this printer is USB 2.0 which is quite fast.

it can print upto 20 pages in one minute which is fast and the cost of print is as low as 29 paise which is good.

  • All in one printer with Scan, Print and Copy function
  • 20 Pages per minute printing speed
  • 29 Paise per page print cost
  • 20000 Pages duty cycle
  • Page yield 5k Pages
  • 1 Year warranty
  • High Price
  • No wifi Support

Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

We had discussed Brothers printer brand and we know that they make some excellent quality products. This model the DCP-L2520D is one of the popular models in laser printers available in Indian market.

This model supports USB connectivity and what I was impressed about was it can print upto 30 Pages per minute which is fast. It’s an All in One printer which can Print, Scan and Copy document.

This has an LCD which gives all controls needed for the printer and the print quality according to the reviews is excellent. If you are looking for a fast printer then this is the one to go with.


  • 30 Pager per minute printing speed
  • Good quality prints
  • Page Yield 2600 Pages
  • Duty Cycle 10000 Pages per month,
  • Variable Print resolution
  • High Speed printing with 30 Pager per minute
  • Good quality prints
  • Low cost printing
  • Variable printing resolution
  • All page sizes supported
  • Parts availability could be an issue
  • High price
  • No wireless connectivity

Verdict on Best All in One Printer for home use in India

Here we have discussed most popular printer models that could be considered under the category of Best all in one printer for home use in India. From the above list you can select any of the options based on your needs and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

A printer is expected to give best printouts first and then all other features are considered. Hope that our list has helped you making the right choice. If you liked this please share with your friends who are looking to buy a printee.

In case you have anything to add then please add them as comments so that we can also know.

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