5 Best action camera under 5000 in 2021

Action cameras are becoming more popular in the video recording space. This is due to their compactness and robust nature which makes them first camera option for people who are looking to do some action based vlogging or those who travel a lot. Here I have tried to sort out some of the best action camera under 5000 Rs that you can buy.

Why I am choosing the action cameras under 5000 Rs?

Its because this price range will be perfect for beginners or people who are starting their vlog for the first time. They usually are looking for best cheap action camera.

Best Action Camera Under 5000

What is an action camera?

By the name itself we can understand that its made for recording content when you are having lot of movement and you are doing something like jogging or recording while cycling on a mountain or doing some performance that a normal camera could not record.

What is action camera used for?

Action cameras are expected to have sturdy build and water resistance so that you can take them to any place including places like pools,rivers or sea and record your video without being worried of your camera being spoiled by wateror any sort of impact when you do any thing crazy.

In case if you take a normal DSLR or a mobile camera recording such events could not be that easy due to their bulky nature as well as we may need another person holding the camera for us which is not possible in all occations.

Let’s now check some advantages and disadvantages on an action camera.


  • Action cameras are compact in size and easy to carry around.
  • They take some good quality images and videos even with a small form factor.
  • Water resistance rating makes them a go do recording device when you go to places with water.
  • You may not need another person’s support due to light weight and easy handling.


  • Only closeup shots can be taken from an action camera as they usually does not have much zooming capabilities.
  • Displays in action cameras are very small and are a bit hard to see and read
  • If you need good quality recording and Optical image stabilisation that works well. These things are very pricey.

So here you can ask

Is action camera worth buying?

Yes in case you travel a lot and you need to record your life events were ever you go without help of anyone then an action camera could be your best companion. It can also help you recording the moments where you have lot of motion in the picture with easy and without any shakes if they have OIS.

Main Features

As we have discussed earlier, an action camera is compact and easy to carry which makes it one of the primary feature that people buy for.

Even though they are small in looks, they have all required recoding options that a normal camera or a DSLR camera could have.

Action cameras come in various mega pixels starting from 12 and can range upto 40 or 50 mp sensors. So they cannot be underrated in any sense.

Which is better action camera or DSLR?

I have touches this point already. If you want to take photos in a stable envirointment and also record some good stable videos a DSLR would be a better option as it has many advanced modes and you can get the perfect shot that you are looking for.

In case of a DSLR you can add multiple lenses which can focus to different distances which is an advantage if you are looking to cover a scenary or taking a long distance shot.

Different modes in a DSLR can make your photo look mode perfect but the acheving the same bokeh and the different filters that are available in a DSLR is not possible with an action camera.

Action cameras are designed to be compact in nature but they are powerful enough to record some good videos. They are specificallly not designed for photography and can do the thing that they are designed for well.

Most people buy action cameras to record their life events of some great experiences that they had and want to keep it recorded. Action cameras are compact in nature and are water resistant. These features may suit the best for some people who are looking for it.

So if you are looking for professional photography then I would suggest getting a DSLR but if you are looking for taking videos and cant carry a big camera setup with you then an action camera will be the right choice.

Now that we have made it clear about some details on action cameras and their uses we can checkout some of the best action cameras under 5000 that you can buy.

Action camera buying guide

There are many things that you need to consider when you are getting an action camera.

1. Budget:This would the primary thing that most of us will be thinking before buying anything not only action camera. Action cameras are available in wide price range but it depends on which price range you are looking for by which the features of the camera could vary.

2. Mega pixels: I would suggest you should not consider this much as they dont matter. We have seen many examples before in case of smartphones as well. A 12 Mp phone may take a better picture than a 40 mp phone. The picture quality is not only depends on the mega pixels of a sensor but the post processing as well.

In case of an action camera the pictures or photos that you are going to take are mostly close up shots or record close videos for that a12 to 20 mp range action camera would be enough.

More mega pixel in the sense you can more zoom into the image and get less distortions. Depends on the need that you are buying the action camera for.

3. OIS(Optical Image stabilisation): An action camera without this will be considered dumb as we are looking for recording some actions in our life which will have lot of movements and we need stability to capture it.

WHAT IS OPTICAL IMAGE STABILISATION (OIS): As the name suggest OIS is a process where the camera sensor moves based on our hand movements and keep the subject in focus even if there is lot of movement from our hands or the subject moves. This happens both in X axis and y axis which makes the image or the video looks stable.

Without this feature an action camera is not a good buy.

4. Water resistance: This is another important aspect if you want to carry your camera to all the places that you go. If you have this feature then you need not worry about damaging you camera when your camera gets wet.

5. Manufactures: People consider this as well when looking for an action camera. There are many manufactures who make some good action cameras like GoPro, Osmo, Mavic and so on. but they fall under higher price segment as we are looking for action cameras under 5000 I am not considering those in this segment.

6. Battery life: This is one if the important aspects. An action camera should record for long and it should give some good battery life. An average action camera could record up to 120 minutes or 2 hours some go upto 2.5 hours which is the standard.

7. 4k Recording: Now the time is for 4k recording. We have 4k displays and we need watch content on 4k. So recently 4k Cameras are getting more popularity as they can record your videos in more resolution. The only concern with 4k Recording is that it may put load on the sensor and the battery and your camera wont last long. This trend we have seen in mobile phones as well.

Checklist for buying an action camera

  • Falls in a budget
  • Have Optical image stabilisation
  • Water resistance
  • Good battery life
  • 4k Recording if available

Now that we know what are the main things to consider for an action camera

Best action camera under 5000 RS

Campark action Camera  Best Value

4k action Camera
47505000 Buy Now

SJ CAM action camera

4K action camera
43507995 Buy Now

The above mentioned are some of the best action camera under 5000 that you can buy. Click on the Buy now button to check out the offers on action camera.

Features of action cameras listed above.


This one of the best in this segment as it offers all the main features that an expensive action camera could provide and I have tested this my own as some of my friends are using it. It works great and the picture and image quality from this camera is really good. If you want to record videos also it provide nice stable video and sound recordings. Under 5000 rs this is one of the best action camera that you can get.This could be considered as one of the best 4k action camera under 5000.

Main Highlights:

  • It has a front display as well which gives you information on battery level and if you are recording video it gives the time of recording as well. This is one of the best in this segment.
  • It can record 4k and the footage comes out clear.
  • Sound from the recording is also good and it avoids much of a disturbances from the background very well.
  • Wifi support is good so that you can transfer your footage to phone or laptop directly with the use of app.
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Uses sony sensor which is best in this segment
  • Good 4k recording
  • Budget price under 5000
  • Sound recording is good
  • Front display to tell important information like battery life and time.
  • Water resistance
  • Good quality build
  • Lot of quality accessories.
  • Battery life can be bit better
  • On continuous recording it gave around 1 hour and 50 minutes of battery.

Xmate stunt

This is one of the newest brand in this segment but their product is well and good. its durable and the video capture is descent. Only thing I noticed was the HDR was not good in heavy sun due to which we can see some disturbances on the video. The sound recording was good. It also has Wifi and it comes with a 16 mp camera which can record upto 4k. Battery life was descent but not as good as campark that we reviewed before.

xmate action camera

Main Highlights:

  • Comes with 120FPS recording which is great.
  • It can record 4k and the footage comes out clear.
  • Sound recording was great and recorded sound had minimum distortions.
  • IP water resistance is good and make us confident.
  • 2 inch HD LCD which is clear as a view finder can do in this segment.
  • Good sound and video recording.
  • Build and the sensor used is good
  • Nice 4k Recording footage
  • Price is less
  • Battery life could be better it gave only 90 minutes of recording
  • Battery is 990 mah only

SJCAM SJ4000 Air

SJcam is one of the popluar action camera in this segment. Its popular for its value for money features. It comes with lot of cool accessories and the build of this camera is good. We had dropped this action camera in water and rock as well and it survived without issues.

sjcam action camera

Main Highlights:

  • 2 inch HD display which is bright and clearly visible outside.
  • 16 Mp camera sensor.
  • 170 degree field of view which can take good wide angle shots.
  • 4k Recording footage is good but we noticed some disturbances in sound.
  • 30 Meter water resistance is a good feature
  • Wide view recording available.
  • Good quality build
  • Nice quality accessories provided.
  • Battery life is ok
  • Sound was having some distortions
  • HDR could be better
  • Stabilisation could be better as I noticed shakes in video.


This is new in this segment and the camera comes in white color. The build quality is good but the recording was just ok. It worked well in well lit situations but when the light is less we can see lot of disturbances in the recording. Sound was generally good. It comes with wifi which can help to trasfer recording easily to phone or laptop.

vcam action camera

Main Highlights:

  • 2 inch HD display which is bright and clearly visible outside.
  • 16 Mp camera sensor.
  • 4k to 720 P recording range available.
  • IP water resistance rating is an advantage.
  • 2 Inch display is bright and clear
  • 22 accessories come in the pack
  • Descent battery life
  • Recording in 4k Is good in well lit situation.
  • Build quality can be better as we heard some plastic rubbing noise.
  • Low light recording is not that great.

Amigo AC-40 4K

This comes in budget segment and is made well. it provides a good balance between features and price. In our testing battery life was not that great but the picture quality was good. It also had issues capturing in low light as there was lot of noise. In well lit situation it worked really well. Water resistance was good and the plastic used was of good quality.

amigo 4k action camera

Main Highlights:

  • 2 inch HD display which is bright and clearly visible outside.
  • 16 Mp camera sensor.
  • 4k to 720 P recording range available.
  • IP water resistance rating is an advantage.
  • 2 Inch display is bright and clear
  • Build quality is good.
  • Water resistance is good as we tried for 5 minutes under water.
  • Battery life is descent.
  • Price is the lowest.
  • Video recording in low light was not that great
  • Sound had some distortions.


So we have it. We have checked some of the best action camera under 5000. I noticed as each were good but some were lacking in the video recording quality for low light.

On comparing these 5 action cameras I noticed that one came on top in all cases.

9Expert Score
Campark Action Camera

This performed well in all the scenarios that we had tested.

Value for money

So we can consider as value for money deal. You can go ahead and buy it and you will get a good deal for your action camera with all the great features under 5000 rupees. It can be considered as one of the best 4k action camera under 5000 Rs that you can get.

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