Best 6 Bosch drill machine in 2020

Planning to buy a bosch drill machine?

Search is over and you are at the right place. Here we have reviewed and classified the best bosch drilling machine based on price and specification.Also we have covered most of bosch drill machine features in detail in this review.

So why you need a drill machine?

You will be looking for a drill machine if you want to do DIY or some repair works in your home. Bosch drilling machines are considered to be one of the best in this category and bosch have very good sales and service networks in the tools category.

These drilling machine go well with the bosch drill bit set and they both together can do all your jobs easy and effective way.

Drilling machine are categorised into 3.

  • Corded drill machines
  • Cordless drill machine
  • Hammer drill machine

Bosch corded drill machine

A corded drill machine as the name suggest will be one with a cord as simple as that. They are powerful drills and they have various functions to perform a specific task like drilling in wood, concrete or in metal. With the perfect bosch drill bit things will get simple and easy. Bosch drill price is categorised based on the power and the rating that machine has.

Bosch corded drill machines can be sub categorised into two more type

  1. Hammer drills
  2. Impact drills

Hammer drills

Bosch hammer drills also knows as rotary hammer drills are known for their hammer action to drill through materials like concrete. These are basically used to drill anchors in ceiling and beams.

These are really powerful drills and they can make any work easy and simple.If you have a bosch drill set then this would be a perfect addition to it. Rotary hammer drills perform their work in a perpendicular impacts to the surface you are drilling into which makes the drill to penetrate through the surface real easy.

Rotary hammer drill uses an SDS plus chuck which makes it easy to insert and remove drill bits.

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Impact drills

Impact drills work a bit different combined to hammer drills. These drills provides impacts in circular direction. They also work good for hard surfaces but they are not considered as powerful as a rotary hammer drill.

Bosch drill price: We have classified the Bosch rotary hammer drill and the Bosch impact drill based on the pricing that you can get the best bang for your buck.

These drill usually uses the chuck key to fit and loosen the drill bits.

Following are some of the popular Bosch rotary hammer drills.

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Bosch GBH 200 Professional Rotary Hammer 

This is one of the entry level rotary hammer from bosch. It should be perfect for home and DIY use. In case you are planning to hang a swing at your home or a hammock you can easily add anchors to your ceiling with this.


  1. You can use a drill bit of 4 to 10 mm in this which is good for a rotary hammer drill in this range.
  2. Can be used in Concrete ceilings and beams with ease.
  3. it gives a maximum drilling diameter of 30 mm which is good in this price range.
  4. Its weight is comparatively less of 2.3 KG
  5. Very less vibrations in this drill

In Our testing we noticed that it was easily able to drill through different surfaces. The noise level were a bit high but the performance was adequate. If you are looking for a good rotary hammer then this should be in your list.

Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE Professional Rotary Hammer 

This is one of the high end model that you can buy if you are a professional builder or a contractor. This one has a chiselling action as well. In case if you want to remove tile or old cement fillings then this bosch rotary hammer drill could help you. It has a 3 mode selector switch which you can adjust to use in Hammer, Drill and chiselling mode which is good. You need to carry. only one tool to your work site.

best bosch drill machine


  1. You can use a drill bit of 4 to 20 mm in this which is good for a rotary hammer drill in this range.
  2. Can be used in Concrete ceilings and beams with ease.
  3. it gives a maximum drilling diameter of 50 mm which is good in this price range.
  4. Its weight is comparatively less of 2.5 KG
  5. Very less vibrations in this drill

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in our testing it was much more powerful than the bosch GBH 200 that we reviewed earlier and it was much more silent and did the work better and faster. if you are looking for the best rotary hammer under 10000 segment then this is the one for you.

Now as we have mentioned earlier the above variants are corded rotary hammer drills but the one we are going to see is a rotary hammer with no cord. Yes its a cordless hammer drill rom bosch. We have included based on the basis of best rotary hammer drill machine in india.

Bosch GBH 180 Li Cordless Rotary Hammer drill

This one is on another league as its a cordless rotary hammer and have a brushless motor which is an added advantage.Brushless motror increases the life of the drill as there are less moving parts.

This drill comes in a premium segment as its above 20000 in price but this could be considered as one of the best cordless rotary hammer in India.This also has an SDS chuck which makes it easy to switch drill bits.

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This comes in the 18V category which is a powerful drill machine category. it has an ergonomic design and good build in total. This is a heavy duty rotary hammer drill that you can buy in INDIA

best bosch drill machine


  1. Cordless feature is an added advantage as its easy to take to different places for work.
  2. Its light weight for a rotary hammer as it weight around 3 KG which for a cordless rotary hammer is good
  3. it giveIt gives maximum drilling of 30mm in wood and 13 mm in wood.
  4. In concrete it can drill upto 20 mm which is an added advantage.
GBH 180-LI, bosch, proffesional, cordless,Powertools

In our testing it game better performance than all corded rotary hammers that we had tested before.Being in a pricier segment this drill is for professionals and one who do lot of travelling. They can carry this with them for work.

Lets now check some bosch impact drills that you may be interested on

Bosch GBM 350 Professional Rotary Drill 

This is an entry level hammer drill from bosch its an impact variant and the price is less than 2500 which is an added advantage. If you are a light DIY person then this would fit perfectly on you. In our testing it was able to drill through wood and metal in an easy way but while drilling in concrete it took some time. As the motor is less powerful so you may need patience while using this drill.

best bosch drill machine


  1. This is light and compact in design
  2. Good for DIY purposes and home use.
  3. Price is less compared to similar drills in the market
  4. Boch warranty provides a confidence.
  5. Drilling diameter in Aluminium : 13 mm, in Wood : 20 mm, in Steel : 10 mm

This was one of the low end segment bosch drill machine that we tested in this review.

  1. Light weight design
  2. Can easily be used in tight spaces.
  3. 12V is enough power to work through wood and metal surfaces.
  4. Its a made of sturdy plastic and the design and handle is ergonomic.

Bosch cordless drill machine

This is a go to category of you want to enjoy cordless fredom. These categorised in 18 and 12 v. We have tested bosch drill 12v and bosch drill 18v which are the most popular segment in this category.

Cordless drills are way to do if you want to work in tight areas and you travel a lot for your work. They usually come with two batteries which is an added advantage. Bosch cordless drills are known for their power and performance they provide.

Lets see the list of best cordless drill that you can buy.

Bosch cordless drill 12v segment

12v Segment comes with a 12 V, 1.5am batteries and usually there are two batteries in the box which you can take advantage of. Here we have categorised this based on the use cases.

Bosch 06019G80F1 GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver

This is the 12 V segment to start which this drill coves with 12 V batteries and there are two of them which you could use for your drilling purpose. This does not have the hammer drilling function included in it. This a great entry level cordless drill from bosch for DIY and home use.


  1. Battery life is great in this and it holds charge for long time.
  2. Excellent build quality.
  3. Nice ergonomic design
  4. Price is less in the cordless drill category.

Bosch 06019G81K2 GSB 120-LI Cordless Drill Driver 

Another good 12 V cordless drill from bosch. This is the next level version of the bosch GSR series as this has hammer drill functions as well. Which makes it a good combi drill. It has drill, Screwdriver and hammer drill function. As per our testing this performed really well in drilling through Wood, masonry and metal surfaces. This comes with two batteries which is an added advantage.

best bosch drill machine


  1. Hammer drilling function is an added advantage compared to the GSR model.
  2. Battery life is great in this and you can perform continuous use for long time
  3. Power in this drill is adequate for all type of DIY and drilling purposes.
  4. Can reach compact places to drill and it works well.

Thats it this was our best selection of drills that you can buy for your home and professional use. In our testing they performed really well and we were able to achieve our task easily and effectively.


After testing through various drill types we noticed as if you are going for a croded drill then a rotary hammer drill is the better option compared to an impact drill because it can perform all work an impact drill can do and extra as well.

In cordless drill category a 12 V drill is enough for DIY and home use but if you are looking for professional work then go with an 18V drill.

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