5 Best Design of Computer Table

Looking for Best Design of Computer Table?

Trending design are always liked in their furnitures by people who like their homes to look nice. Recent days carpenters and furniture manufactures are bringing attractive design to the market so that they get more sale. Furniture should look good and also be durable so that they will last long. We might be using computers in our home for placing a desktop PC we might use a table. People who like some cool setup for the computers select the table accordingly. Here I am going to list some of the best design of computer table that you can buy.

Computer table design can be classified into 4 types.

  • Computer table with Storage
  • Simple computer table with no storage
  • Height adjustable Computer table
  • Computer table with cable management
Best Design of Computer Table

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Let’s find out more on the computer table types that I had mentioned above.

Computer table with storage

Storage is important for things to look clean. Without storage things will be here and there. This makes the computer setup cluttered. People buy computer table with storage to store all the necessary things into the drawers in the table. Generally people store things like cables, CD’s, Pendrives, Cleaning cloths for computers, Storage drives and Hardware for computer. Storages like drawer, shelves are common in computer table. Its a real advantage to have a storage in a computer desk.

Simple computer table

Minimalistic design are preferred by some people. They want a clean setup with just the bare table with 4 feet. This looks good in most of the circumstances. Keeping it clean is easier compared to tables with storage. As all the table is open there wont be any dust getting accumulated inside.

Here one problem will arise is of cable management. If you have a desktop PC, there will be a lot of cable running around like power cables, Monitor, Keyboard, Mice and so on. When the table is just bare, hiding the cable is a hard task. If the cable management is not done properly then the setup will look bad.

Height Adjustable Computer Table

This is a new concept which is becoming a trend between people who want the setup to be height adjustable. When your PC is kept on this table, you can adjust the size of the table according to the need. if you ask about the price of a computer table with height adjustment then it will be costlier compared to non height adjustable computer table. Its good to have such a table if you like working while standing as well as sitting.

Computer table with cable management

This is another recently trending design in computer table. No one likes cluttered setups. Clean setups need clean cable management. People select the design of computer table based on the cable management features that are available in the table. Table’s that come with cable management built in are having an advantage over traditional design of computer table. You can easily hide the cables and give the setup a clean look.

Best Design of Computer Table

Computer table designing is done by some people based on their home looks and design. Matching color schemes are used in materials used so that their setup blend into the other parts of the home. Designer computer tables are costly but they are eye catchers and conversation starter.

We have some basic concepts on computer table design, now let’s check out some of the computer table with price and features.

Best Design of Computer Table

Here we can check out some of the best computer table for office and home which you can consider buying for a great looking setup.

Woodlab Wooden computer table

Woodlab Wooden computer table


  • Elegant design
  • Mango Wood
  • Sturdy build
  • 4 Storage cabinets
  • Modern looks
Woodlab Wooden Writing Study Table and Computer Workstation Desk for Home Living Room and Office (Natural Finish)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (135 cm), Width (55 cm), Height...
  • Primary Material: Mango Wood, Color: Natural Finish, Great...
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and...
  • Multi-functional:- You can use this desk to keep your...
  • The table features in space saving, smart and elegant,...

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When it comes to wooden computer table they look much better than the metal table. Wood table last longer in looks and also looks more premium. When you look the price for computer table, a wooden table will be costlier but if you want your setup look elegant and premium, a wooden computer table is a go to option.

This model from Woodlab is one of the best computer table design that you can get in india. It has a premium finish and good looks. It will suit any room that you place it. You can use this as a computer table for office as well.

Woodlab Wooden computer table

Mango wood is the material used in this table which reflects in its fit and finish. The table is durable and also heavy. It can handle some beating as well. If you shift home from one place to another frequently then a table like this will last long.

It comes in a natural finish color with smooth edges and surface. Will attention to detail, the company has taken good care in making this product.

Woodlab Wooden computer table

We had discussed about computer table with storage earlier. This is a computer table which comes with lot of storage. You can store your Laptops, Tablets or any devices that you need to store based on size.

This table has 4 large storage compartments under the top section and also small section under the top table part for storing small items. It is not having any cable management options available.

Height of this table being 76 CM is perfect for use as a computer table for office and home. This wooden computer table is one of the unique design which will make the look of the room better. If you are looking for the best design of computer table then this should be in your list.

ERGONORMS Gaming Computer table

ERGONORMS Gaming Computer desk


  • Vertical Height Adjustment
  • Horizontal Height adjustment
  • 70 KG load bearing
  • Good quality wood
  • Power coated strong steel
ERGONORMS Gaming Computer Office Desk Table (Electric Height Adjustable Desk) 1200x600MM (DIY Assembly)
  • Height adjustment range: 28.0’’-47.6’’/710-1210mm
  • powder coated steel frame
  • Horizontal adjustment range: 33.4” - 50.7”/ 850-1290mm
  • Recommended desktop size: length 39.4’’ -...
  • Load capacity: 154lbs/70kg (Total Load Carrying Capacity,...

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This is one of the best computer table for home. Recently height adjustable computer tables are becoming more and more popular. This gives the flexibility of working on computers by sitting or standing.

Ergonorms Gaming and office desk table is one of the unique computer table design which you can find, Its a simple and functional design that you can buy. It is having a large table top and two legs which can adjust the height of the table.

ERGONORMS Gaming Computer desk

When it comes to height adjustment, this table can raise its height from 28 inches to 47.6 inches which makes is really comfortable for working while standing as well. The durable design and strong metal legs made of powder coated steel give it an elegant look.

Its a simple design matching any room that you keep it in. This table also horizontal adjustment that you can move the table top horizontally as per your need. The horizontal adjustment ranges from 33 inch to 50 Inch which is great.

ERGONORMS Gaming Computer desk

The table top is made of good quality wood which can accommodate all the computer components if you want to place the CPU on top.

Here you do not get any cable management options which you may need to add separately. When it comes to the stability of the table, its really strong and stable which makes it one of the best computer table in India that you can buy.

Also with the total load carrying capacity of 70 KG its great computer table design that will suit your needs in any case.

Woodlab Wooden Computer table

Woodlab Wooden Computer table


  • Elegant design
  • 140 CM height
  • Sheesam wood
  • 6 Shelves available
  • White color
Woodlab Wooden Study Desk for Students Writing Office Table for Home Computer Table with Shelf (White)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (140 CM), Width (60 CM), Height...
  • Primary Material: Sheesham Wood, Colour: White
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and...
  • Multi-functional:- You can use this desk to keep your...
  • The table features in space saving, smart and elegant,...

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There are design which are attractive as well as sturdy. Unique design are always welcomed and liked by people. Computer table designing is one of the best ways to make your room look elegant.

This model is very unique for a computer table and it provides storage as well as luxurious look for your setup. With full white color and good finish this design for computer table is an eye catcher.

When dimensions are considered, this computer table has a length of 140 CM and a width of 60 CM and height of 75 CM. This falls in a perfect dimension for a computer table.

Woodlab Wooden Computer table

Material used for making this table is Sheesam wood which can last longer and also you can move this table from one place to another without any issues. The table is full white in color which makes items kept over the table to be more attractive.

As this table does not come assembled, you can assemble the table easily with the included instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Woodlab Wooden Computer table

This table can also be used for studies as well as using it as a laptop table or a desktop table. When it comes to storage this table has 6 spaces to store items in both legs. This makes it one of the practical computer table design that you can buy.

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This also can be considered as a space saving design. You can keep this table in minimum space which also keeps the room more spacious and also free to move. You can do some cable management here with the included space at the legs of the table to make the setup neat and tidy.

DESIGNA 60 Inch L Shaped table

DESIGNA 60 Inch L Shaped table


  • L Shape design
  • 60 Inch width
  • Cable manager built in
  • Good quality steel used
  • P2 Particle board
DESIGNA 60 Inch Computer Desk L Shaped with Free Cool Mousepad, Study Writing PC Laptop Table Workstation, Widen Space Office Home Desk Multi-Functional, Black
  • ✔ With High-precision Mousepad—— The computer desk is...
  • ✔ Larger Desktop & Ample Space—— The L shape corner...
  • ✔ L-Shaped Round Corner Design & Cable managers—— Both...
  • ✔ DURABLE and STURDY——The table workstation adopt...
  • ✔ Modern Humanized design Desk—— This sturdy wooden...

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If you are looking for a desk with maximum area to keep tings then the Designa L shared computer table will be the best for you. This desk has large surface area which you can use to place two computers or multiple monitors at the same time.

This computer table design is made with precision and care which makes it look elegant and attractive. It comes with a nice mousepad which you can use place your mouse for precision tracking.

L shaped design is unique computer table design which gives a measurement of 62 inch of length and 44 inch of width and 30 inch of height. You can use this table to keep more than 2 monitors at the same time.

DESIGNA 60 Inch L Shaped table

With the 30 inch height the legroom is ample and also its very spacious to keep all your computer peripherals. If you like to keep your computer in the corner of the room, this design of computer table will be a perfect fit.

The computer table comes with space saving design and rounded corner which keeps you and your family safe from being hurt by pointed shapes.

This table has a unique feature when compared to other computer tables in this list. It has a cable manager built in which helps in organising all the cables and keep the setup neat and clean. You can use this table to keep computers or use it as a study table as well.

When it comes to build quality, this table is made up of high quality metal and P2 particle board which is water resistant and scratch proof making it one of the durable computer table design that you can buy.

You can also do height adjustment in this table which makes it an option to consider if you like working in different positions. Also you can adjust the height of the table based on your height so that you can get maximum comfort.

DESIGNA 60 Inch L Shaped table

In my opinion this is a perfect computer table for home which will make the look of your home better. If you are ok with the price of computer table then this should be one of the best computer table under 20000 that you can buy.

Furinno Sheesham Wooden Computer desk

Furinno Sheesham Wooden Computer table


  • Sheesham Wood with MDF
  • 3 Drawers
  • Stable design
  • Elegant looks
Furinno Sheesham Wood Writing Study Desk for Home and Office Study Table Computer Desk, Brown & Black
  • Product Dimension: Length (45 Inch) Width (23 Inch) Height...
  • Primary Material : Sheesham Wood, Secondary Material: MDF...
  • Assembly Instructions: DIY (Do It Your Self), Package...
  • Multi-functional:- This modern desk could work as computer...
  • The Desk table looks space saving, smart and elegant, It...

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This table is a combination of minimalism and also useful design. If you are looking for a computer table with price below 15000 then this is the table you should go for.

It comes with a minimalistic design that most people like but it has storage and also excellent build. Made of Sheesham wood, this table is a good quality table that can last really long.

Furinno Sheesham Wooden Computer table

When it comes to dimensions this table comes with a length of 45 inches and a width of 23 inches and has a height of 30 inches. You will get lot of space above the table to keep your computer and all things that you need.

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It comes with 3 drawers that you can use to keep your things safely and also keep the setup clean. With a traditional 4 angled leg design its remains stable on the floor without any shakes. MDF is used as a secondary material here for the drawers here.

Furinno Sheesham Wooden Computer table

With space saving design and excellent finish this computer table design can be considered one of the best design of computer table that you can buy now.

Now that we have checked about some best design for computer table let me answer some of the questions that people may have in their minds about computer table.

Question and Answers

Which computer table is best?

There are variety of computer tables available in the market but some are not of good quality and some have really bad design. Getting a good computer table is a must for nice working experience. Computer table should have enough space to keep your items on it and also it should look clean and elegant.

Any options mentioned above will look good for your setup and also make you comfortable while you work on it. The DESIGNA 60 Inch L Shaped Computer table model that we had discussed earlier is the most practical design that we can get. It has the cable management feature which will keep you setup clean.

What is the price of computer table?

Price of computer table vary based on features and also the build material. When it comes to solid wood computer table, they will be costlier than the metal counterparts. If you want luxurious looks then you should consider buying a wooden computer table design but if you want a value for money models then you should get the metal computer table with wooden top.

The advantage of metal computer table is that they have the feature of height increase which will come handy if you want to work in different positions.

Which material is good for computer table?

As we had discussed earlier, a solid wood computer table will last longer and also will give a premium look. If you are fine with the price of computer table then you should consider good quality wooden computer table design.

Else if you are in a budget then a metal computer table will do just fine as we have lot of options available in the market with many unique features like cable management and height adjustment.


Here we have discussed about some of the best computer table design that you can buy. Any of the options above will be perfect for your setup. Just you need to select the table based on the place that you are going to keep it and also the amount of things that you are going to place on it.

Best Designs for computer table

As we know a good computer table makes work on it comfortable and also the setup look good. So selecting a computer table is a major factor if you want an elegant and modern setup.

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