8 Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2022

Search end here…. You are in the right place to find the best front loading washing machines that will suit your needs and will not burn your wallet.

Criteria’s to consider

  1. Washing machine that looks good
  2. Saves a ton of electricity
  3. Does its job i.e washing really well.
  4. Price is less and inside your budget.
  5. After sales service is good.

So let me take you through some things that you will need to consider before selecting a washing machine in this section. Here I will guide you through the the process of selecting a best front load washing machine which will suit your family and fullfil your washing needs.

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Best Front Loading Washing Machines

We have a good collections of front loading washing machine that fall under 30000 price range.

LG FHM1207ZDL 7.0 Kg front loading washing machine

This model from LG is one of the popular models available in market that is under 30000 Rs. LG is known for their technology in front loading washing machine and this is one of the best front loading washing machine from LG.

Model: FHM1207ZDL

Best front loading washing machines
LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHM1207ZDL, Luxury Silver, 6 Motion Technology)
  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine: Best Wash...
  • Capacity 7.0 kg: Suitable for bachelors & couples
  • Energy Rating 5 Star: best in class efficiency
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor (T&C)
  • 1200 RPM: higher spin speeds helps in faster drying

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The design of this washing machine looks modern and the color should suit any homes. The plastics used here are of high grade and it really reflects.

Top Highlights in short:

  1. This machine supports upto 7 KG load which is good for a medium sized family of 5 members and the wash will be great.

2. The process is fully automated and we don’t need to check anything after doing the basic process of putting cloths and turning it ON with some soap in it.

3. Stainless steel drum which should provide more effective cleaning and longer life.

4. 2 Years if warranty for the machine and 10 Years of warranty for the motor which is best in this segment.

5. This machine has a 5 star rating and uses very less power which is an advantage.

6. Height of the machine is 85 cm and width is 65 cm and depth is 44 cm. This should help it fit into most places easily.

7. It has a digital cluster which looks attractive and you can see all what is happening in the cleaning process clearly.

8. The touch buttons are good and very responsive to touch.

9. It has a smart diagnosis feature which is intelligent enough to know what to do based on your settings.

10. This is an inverter machine which will make it more efficient in power consumption.

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Different modes in this washing machine

  1. inverter direct drive motor: This being a direct drive motor is better as it has less moving parts which will keep it away from repairs and will last longer.

So what is a direct drive motor?

In a direct drive technology the rotating drum is connected directly to the motor other than the traditional way where the drum is connected to the motor with the use if belt. This will help in better power spread and effective wash

2. Fast and clean wash: The machine has a 1200 RPM which is one of the best in this segment and can provide fast and effective wash.

3. It provides 6 motions which is an added advantage. The motions help the cloths to move a lot during the drum spin and due to this every part of the cloths are cleaned in an effective way.

4. Child lock: This is one of the most important feature of any washing machine. If you have kids at home and when the washing machine is in progress they should not be able to operate it or open it.

All front load washing machines lock the doors while in operation as a safety feature also kids wont be able to use the touch buttons and alter the setting when the washing is in progress.

5. Jog dial for programs: This is an easy to use feature. It has a dial knob which you can use to change the settings based on the cloths that you have put into the machine.

It makes the process easy.

6. Smart diagnosis: This is one of the highlighting feature of this machine. It finds out how much load is put and adjust the washing based on that. It also has features like hot and cold wash where it will wash cloths with hot water so that you can clean hard cloths like jeans or bedsheets.

7. Baby Care: Baby care is a feature which is best if you have small babies at home. Based on the cloths that you put you can tell the machine how soft and sensitive they are and the machine will adjust according to that.


  1. Inverter machine for better electricity consumption

2. Easy to use controls and control knob is an advantaege

3. 1200 RPM Motor which provide good washing speeds and control.

4. 6 motion technology helps in effective cleaning

5. Looks elegant and premium with nice quality materials used.

6. Effective cleaning for delicate cloths and baby care is an advantage


  1. The pricing is a bit high in this segment.

2. There is a bit of shaking in spin mode.

3. Washing machine is a bit heavy so not friendly for transportation.

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Samsung WW70J42G0BW/T 7 Kg front loading washing machine

Samsung as we discussed earlier is a good brand it comes to home appliances and electronics this model is one of the most popular models under the 30000 segment so we included this in best front loading washing machines segment.

Model: WW70J42G0BW/T

Best front loading washing machines
Samsung 7.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WW70J42G0BW/TL, White, Hygiene Steam)
  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine: Works Smart...
  • Capacity 7 kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Year warranty on product and 10...
  • 1200 RPM: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
  • Wash Programs: Cotton, Daily Wash, Dark Garment, E Cotton,...

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This machine was good in looks and offered some of the latest features in this price segment. It had a good quality build and a minimalistic design which most of the people may like.

Top Highlights in short:

  1. This is a 7kg washing machine which is good for a medium family with 5 members.

2. Fully automated process of cleaning and you don’t need to stay behind.

3. Steam wash available which uses very less water and provides effective cleaning.

4. 1200 RPM motor which helps in good washing speeds and faster cleaning.

5. 5 star rating which helps in reducing energy consumption.

6. Inverter technology for efficiency and smooth performance.

7. Fabric care mode which will keep your fabrics safer without producing more lints and damaging it.

8. Quick wash mode helps make the wash quicker in 30 minutes if you are in a hurry.

9. 3 years of total warranty and 10 years of warranty for the motor is an added advantage.

10. Long lasting heater for better hot water washing.

Different modes in the washing machine

  1. Hygiene cleaning: This machine provides hygiene cleaning system which is really effective as it combine hot water and steam wash together to clean your cloths and produces an effective wash.

2. Fabric care system: This machine washes fabrics intelligently based on the fabric put into and it has an intelligent technology to adjust its cleaning process.

3. Bedding: Machine provides a unique feature for bedding to clean things like your bedsheets and hard comforters which makes your hard jobs easy.

4. Dark Garment: It has an intelligent feature to clean dark garments as it will help in reducing the color change of your garments.

5 Synthetic cleaning: This is an additional mode provided which helps in cleaning synthetic materials. It helps in effective cleaning and the process is fast.


  • Samsung gives 3 years of warranty for the machine and 10 years for the motor
  • 5 star rating for energy efficiency
  • Delicate wash technology to wash your delicate cloths without damaging them.
  • Easy control panel for quick adjustments.
  • Child lock is an additional safety feature.
  • Hot water cleaning helps in effective cleaning of hard cloths
  • Bedding cleaning option helps to clean your bedding and long cloths easily.
  • Quick wash mode helps to wash your cloths in 30 minutes.


  • In heavy loads the machine performed a bit slower compared to LG
  • Water consumption levels were a bit higher compared to the LG variant.
  • In dry mode it had some vibrations.

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IFB Elena ZX 6.5 Kg front loading washing machine

IFB is one of the best when in comes to washing machines and air conditioners. This model from IFB is one of the best sellers as per the shops and the company. We added this to our list of best fully automatic front loading washing machine in India. This can be considered as one of the best front loading washing machines in India under 40000 as well.

Model : Elena ZX and it comes in light grey shade which looks elegant.

Best front loading washing machines
IFB 6.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Elena ZX, White, In-Built Heater, 3D Wash Technology)
  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine: best wash...
  • Capacity 6.5 kg :suitable for bachelors & couples
  • Energy rating: 5 star - best in class efficiency
  • Warranty: tri shield protection: 4 years complete machine...
  • 1000 rpm: higher the spin speed, faster the drying time

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Highlights in short:

  1. One of the good looking fully automatic front loading washing machine.

2. Its a 6.5 KF washing machine and will suit a family of 3 to 5 members.

3. It has various modes that help to wash your cloths based on their type.

4. Delay start mode is first in this segment as we can schedule the washing start time.

5. Vibrations are less in this machine compared to machines in this range.

6. Pre wash feature is good so that it provides a clean and solid wash to your cloths.

7. In other machines you may not be able to add you cloths after the washing has started but there is an Add laundry option in this machine which helps to add cloths when the cleaning is in progress.

8. Rinse hold function is the first in the segment and it helps cloths from tangling so that you can easily remove cloths.

9. Voltage safety inbuilt which provide safety to the electronics that are inside if the voltage goes above the level.

10. Delicate washing is an added advantage.


  • Scheduled wash is a great option which you cant find in any other washing machine in this segment.
  • Prewash helps in an effective wash and helps in cleaning stained cloths.
  • Vibrations are less compared to other models in this category.
  • Add laundry function is an added advantage which helps to add cloths even if you have started the washing.
  • Cradle wash system is great for delicate cloths.


  • Even though company claimed to have less vibrations we had some during spin but it was far better than other brands we tested.
  • Design is not that attractive and some may not like it.
  • Button panne are a but confusing to operate.
  • Water consumption is comparatively more.
  • Panasonic provides only 4 years of warranty for spare parts which is low compared to other brands.

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Bosch WAK24168IN 7 kg front loading washing machine

Bosch as we discussed int the beginning of this section is one of the popular brands in washing machine segment and their products have good quality and service of Bosch is also nice. This model the WAK24168IN attracted us because of its minimal looks and build. So we included this in the best fully automatic washing machine in INDIA.

Bosch WAK24168IN 7 kg
Bosch 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Touch Control Fully Automatic Front Loading with In-built Heater (WAJ2416WIN, White)
  • 7 KG Capacity - Ideal For Families
  • BEE 5 Star Rating
  • Hygenic Wash With 99.99% Bacteria Reduction.
  • Manufacturer Warranty:2 Years on Product, 12 Years on Motor
  • Wash Programs :15

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Highlights in short:

  1. It provides an effective cold and hot wash options which is better compared to other brands.

2. Different temperature modes for washing like cotton 60, 40 and synthetic 30 and daily wash 30 and hygiene 60 degree is first in its class.

3. Drum cleaning at 90 degree wash is an added bonus

4. 30 minutes super fast wash feature makes time of washing very less in you are in a hurry

5. Foam detection system helps to control the amount of foam generated while washing which helps in different types of cloths.

6. If you have any allergies then this has a feature called allergy plus which washes cloths in 60 degree.

7. 60 minute laundry feature helps for complete and effective cleaning in 1 hour which is an added advantage.

8. Unlock and reload features enable users to add cloths before the cleaning is completed.

9. Direct drive system is best and will help the machine to last longer life.

10. Easy to read control panel is an added advantage.


  • Spare parts available is good and in case of any repair you can get it fixed soon.
  • In our testing the 60 minutes wash gave an excellent quality wash as we had tried with an extremely dirty cloth.
  • Allergy plus feature helps to wash in 60 degrees which keep the cloths clean and safe.
  • Lint free technology helps the cloths that you put to last longer.
  • Machine is silent in its operations even at high speeds.
  • Electricity consumption is low


  • Very minimalistic design
  • Only one color is available that may not suit for some people.

Onida 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic front Loading Washing Machine

Onida is one of the oldest brands in INDIA as we had mentioned in this section earlier this model the F75TSG is one of the latest offering from ONIDA.

This we considered in our review because of its pricing in this segment. It was priced below 25k and was having some good features.

Onida 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
Onida 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (F75TSG, Grey)
  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine; 7.5 kg
  • 12 wash programs
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 5 years on motor
  • Front loading washing machine with maximum so in speed of...
  • Works even at near zero water pressure

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Highlights in Detail

  1. Its a 7.5 KG fully automatic washing machine which is good for a large family with 6 members.

2. It has a feature which makes it work in very low pressure of water. which is a common case in INDIA.

3. 1200 RPM speed is standard in this segment for good spin for drying cloths.

4. It comes with 12 wash programs which is really flexible of having multiple options here

5. Height adjustable feet is provided by the company which will help to change the height of he machine based on your height and make it comfortable.

6. The door provided in this machine is large to accommodate cloths easily inside and take them outside.

7. As in IFB model that we reviewed earlier this model also has a delay timer where you can schedule the washing machine in a later time when needed.

8. Wash plus technology helps to add cloths after the wash has begun which is an added advantage.

9. As others this also provides foam protection feature which helps to make controlled foam.

10. The digital display is bright and clear and easy to read.


  • Height adjustment feature is an added advantage in this machine.
  • 7.5KG capacity is good for large family with 6 members.
  • Simple and elegant looks of the machine.
  • Zero pressure water washing is first in this class as your washing wont be interrupted even if the water flow is less to the machine.
  • Delay timer is an advantage for scheduled washing
  • This washing machine has large opening door so putting cloths and taking them out is simpler.


  • Main con here is that the plastics used in the machine can be bit better. We noticed as the knobs have low quality which will be a problem in long term use.
  • Only one color available which some may not like.
  • The glass panel used here for the door is darker which will block our vision from seeing cloth washing levels.

Let’s now move on to some premium segment washing machines that have some latest features and technology applied. They will be in the pricier segment but will be worth a look if you are planning to get one.Most of us will be thinking which is best front loader washing machine in premium segment. Here we have it in our review below.

What will you expect with a front loading washing machine in premium segment.

  1. Good looks

2. Nice and latest technology.

3. All the best features in a washing machine

4. Price.

Here we have classified it based on the best features and technology with price in consideration. The price that we have set is 70000 Rs which falls in the premium segment and let’s check best front loading washing machine in India under this segment as well.

Following are some of the best premium segment washing machine that you can buy in INDIA

Samsung WD90K6410OX front loading Washing Machine

This model from Samsung is an eye grabber, it looks futuristic and it has very good looks with chrome finish.

Model: WD90K6410OX

The buttons were nicely designed and the display was digital and crisp and clear which attracted us to this model. It was well designed and the color was looking great,

Samsung WD90K6410OX Front-loading
Samsung 9.0 kg / 6.0 kg Fully-automatic Washer Dryer (WD90K6410OX, Inox Grey)
  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine; 9 kg capacity
  • 3 years comprehensive; 10 years on DIT motor
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • 1400 RPM spin speed and 612 kwh energy consumption (per...
  • 99 liters water consumption (cycle) and smart check

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Highlights in short

  1. It’s a 9KG washing machine but it’s not that bulky. Samsung designers have worked good in this and its being felt in looks of this machine

2. It has a ceramic heater and it will last longer than the iron heater that are used in lower segment washing machines.

3. The diamond shaped drum inside helps to keep you fabric safer and without getting stuck. The smooth finish of the drum with smaller water holes will give your cloths a safer wash.

4. It has a digital inverter technology and Samsung promises for a long life span of 20 years of this motor.

5. Samsung provides a 10 years of warranty in this product.

6. Machine produced minimum sound while in operation and in high speeds as Samsung promised this was an highlighting feature

7. Eco bubble technology helps the machine to generate bubbles before the washing starts. This helps in more effective cleaning.

8. Quick wash program washes the cloths in an an effective way in just 30 minutes.

9. Volt control is an added advantage of this machine which machine will maintain the voltage and if the voltage goes high or low it will shut down for safety.

10. Last memory is one of the attraction of this machine as it remembers your previous mode that you have used and each time you don’t need to set it again.


  • 9 KG of capacity will suit for large families
  • Voltage control helps to use this washing machine in places were we have voltage problems
  • 10 years of warranty is an added advantage and company gives surety for 20 years thats a plus.
  • Last memory feature is a plus and a sense of comfort.
  • Digital inverter gives you silent wash.
  • Eco bubble technology will help you find the perfect wash each time.


  • Main con that we noticed here is the price as its a bit steep.
  • The washing machine is not having any height adjustments which will not suit some people.
  • Only one color available.

LG 10.5/7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washing Machine

FHD1057SWS model from LG should be considered in the best front loading washing machine in INDIA as its one of the popular selling premium segment washing machine. It has some unique features of its own and look wise its looks trendy and good.

The build as in our testing looked really good and the plastic quality in the panels also felt descent.

Model: FHD1057SWS

LG 10.5/7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washing Machine
LG 10.5/7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washing Machine (FHD1057SWS, Silver VCM, AI DD)
  • Washer Dryers: Premium washing machine with best-in-class...
  • Total capacity: 10.5 kg/ 7 kg (washing/drying capacity):...
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive & 10 years on motor T&C...
  • AI DD detects not only the weight, but also senses softness...
  • LG Steam technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens, such as...

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Highlights in short:

  1. It has one of a unique feature that other washing machine in this segment does not offer that is AI- DD this is direct drive feature which optimise the drum rotation based on the load and the motion of cloths. This feature is available for Cotton, Mixed and Easy care options.

2. Direct drive motor here produces very less sound and the washing process in general is very silent.

3. Lg’s steam technology provides better cleaning for dust and pets cloths

4. This is a smart washing machine and it has inbuilt wifi in it. It can be controlled using LG thinQ mobile app using wifi which is first in this segment.

5. 6 Motion direct drive helps for optimal washing with scrubbing, filtration, rolling and tumbling.

6. Its tempered glass door helps in minimising scratches and good looks for the machine.

7. Washer and dryer in one appliance will help to save space in your home.

8. Elegant looks with brushed silver finish is an attention grabber.

9. Pricing is competitive in this segment.

10. High quality rubber foot keeps the washing machine stable on surfaces.


  • AI DD technology is first in this segment
  • Wifi enabled feature help you to control your washing from anywhere.
  • Good quality panel on door give elegant look.
  • 1400 RPM is an added advantage for cleaning.
  • 10 KG capacity will be suitable for large families with 7 to 8 people.


  • Only one color available
  • Only 10 years of warranty provided at this price.

Bosch 9 kg Inverter Washing Machine

Bosch as we discussed earlier is one of the top brands in the washing machine segment.This model has a 9 KG capacity and has some nice features that others in this segment does not have.

Bosch 9 kg Inverter Front Loading
Bosch 9 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAT28661IN, White, Inbuilt Heater)
  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine; 9 kg capacity
  • 14 wash programs
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • I-Dos
  • Vario drum

Last update on 2023-02-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Highlights in short:

  1. This has 14 wash programs that is one of the best in this segment.

2. Its intelligent dosing system makes washing effective and efficient.

3. Anti-vibration design is a highlighting feature of this machine.

4. It has an allergy plus features which will help for you if you have dust allergies.

5. Its vario drum is tough on stains and mild on cloths.

6. Prewash function in this washing machine is effective and best.

7. The touch panel is crystal clear and is waterproof.

8 The drum capacity is high compared to other machines in this class.

9. Reload function helps tp load cloths in between a wash cycle.

10. Its speed perfect feature helps to reduce washing times to a large extent.


  • Its a bosch so quality of the product will be great.
  • Water filter is provided freely with this machine which helps to intake clean water easily.
  • Eco silence motor helps to reduce sound of the machine to a large extent.
  • It has an anti vibration design that reduces vibration in high speeds as well.
  • Allergy plus function is an added advantage.
  • Active water sensor helps to control water flow and reduce water usage.

Buyers Guide

Washing machine categories

Washing machines are basically classified into two types

  1. Front loading
  2. Top loading

Check our best top loading washing machine section

If you are having top load washing machine as well in your consideration that also I have researched in detail and made a guide that could help you in making a decision.

Now as you have checked it we can move onto front loading washing machine which this section is about.

Why front loading washing machines?

As we know the top loading washing machines are much cheaper and works well for a small family then why people are buying a front loading washing machine.

So let me tell you what makes a front loading washing machine different from top loading machine.

We have seen in olden days people use to wash cloths in two ways.

One by scrubbing and squeezing them after rinsing them in soap mixed water.

Best front loading washing machines

Another way is by beating cloths on stone and washing

Best front loading washing machines

So the above pics may explain the process that we traditionally follow to wash our cloths.

How this is related to washing machine? You may ask

A top loading washing machine follows the technique for beating cloths on a stone as the cloths are spun in a horizontal fashion.

A front loading washing machine follows the scrubbing and squeezing method.

Since we have made this clear we can move onto checking the front loading washing machine in detail

We know now whats the principle behind the front loading washing machine and how it cleans your cloth.Front loading washing machines are popular in eastern states and most of the laundries have front loading washing machine

Design: A front loading washing machine has a different design compared to a top load one.

In a top loading washing machine we have the opening where we put in cloths at the top but in a front loading washing machine its at the side front. So we can easily see the inlet section of a front loading washing machine.

In the search of best front load washing machine in India we have tried through 20 different models that are popular in the market.

Front loading washing machines are a lookers because in my opinion they provide better looks compared to a top loading machines. We will have a comparison between front loading and top loading washing machine here in our later reviews to stay tuned.

Benefits of front loading washing machine

  1. They take less amount of water compared to the top loading ones.
  2. Washing methods that a front load follows gives better cleaning compared to the top load as we mentioned it does a horizontal cleaning pattern.
  3. Front loading washing machines are equipped with latest technology compared to top load due to that we get more features.
  4. They have more precise cleaning for cloths and comparatively more modes available.
  5. Delicate cloths are cleaned better in a front loading washing machine compared to a top load one.

Drawbacks of front loading washing machines

  1. First drawback to consider here is price. Front loading machines are pricier compared to the top load ones because of the technology used and components.
  2. Front loading machines are cool to look but in some brands they make more noise compared to the top load specially in their spin modes because of the horizontal action.
  3. These are considered heavier compared to the top load and are a bit harder to transport.

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There are many popular brands in INDIA who have front loading washing machines in the market. In out testing of the front loading washing machines we have covered 20 models from the top front loading washing machine brands in INDIA.

Other things considered here are to find the best front loading washing machine with price and features categorised.

Now let’s see about some companies that have their front loading machines in INDIAN market. Let’s find out which is the best front loading washing machine here.

Best front loading washing machine brand.


There is nothing much needed to be said about this company. This company has made an impression in the mind of Indian customers that no other company has yet achieved. They are the pioneers of technology in terms of washing machine. This company produces quality components that match perfection.

They have may other items from car accessories to power tools, cleaning equipments and much more. In all categories they have placed their name at the top

Yes its known that their products are bit on the costlier side but still the quality of products they offer are excellent and the after sales service even thought the network is not huge is good.

Bosch front loading washing machine was one of the machines that we considered testing first when we thought about this review.

2. IFB

IFB is well known brand in washing machine and air conditioners. Their technology is advanced and the parts availability is good.

After sales service is also nice as they respond to your queries very fast. Within 48 hours we have a technician at our door steps to solve our problem.Which adds a sense of confidence to our thought when we consider this brand.

Other thing about IFB is they they make machines in competitive segment. Of-course there price range is high but things will really work good with an IFB product.

I am using an IFB machine at my home and I noticed the following things after purchase.

  1. The customer care is very nice and informative.
  2. Cooperative and they listen
  3. Good knowledge of service people.
  4. Parts are widely available
  5. They keep contact with the customers in regular interval times for service.

Isn’t that a confidence level booster about this brand?

3. LG

LG is a brand thats every were in India since ages. They are well advanced in technology and they know their products really well. We tested LG washing machines due to their looks and the unique design that they implement in their machines.

One thing we noticed is that they are very competitive in price and they are available every were. All stores that we visited had latest models of LG washing machine which is an advantage.

This should help comparing price in different stores and paying the best offer that you will get.

In our experience we noticed as

  1. Service network is huge for LG and they have service in all parts of the nation.
  2. Variety of models available which helps us to find the best one that suits us.
  3. Excellent customer care and support.
  4. Service guys have good knowledge and they are cooperative.
  5. Parts availability is good.

4. Samsung

First thing that comes into our mind if we think about Samsung is Smart tv’s and smart phones but this company is making some cool washing machines and refrigerators as well.

We considered this brand due to variety of options available and their competitive price they offer. Samsung is a tried and tested brand and they are known for their service in India.

Every electronics shop will have appliances from samsung as they are very wide in network and service.

Some main highlights of samsung are

  1. In pricing they are very competitive and due to different models it’s easy to get a model that will look good for your home.
  2. Service network is huge and widely available.
  3. Good service provided in all parts of the country.
  4. Parts are available easily.
  5. Good customer support.
  6. Variety of options.

5. Onida

Onida is one of the companies that even our old generations are using and its one of the known companies in INDIA. They started with their TV’s and now they have all types of home appliances that you may be looking for.

Onida is very competitive in pricing segment and their models are good. The parts used in Onida machines are of good quality and have minimum complaints. According to shops they sell in good amount and their front and top loading washing machines are good sellers in the market. They also have segment of best front loading washing machine under 20000 rs in INDIA which is the best segment to start with.

Pros that we noticed about Onida

  1. Their network is good and is available in various parts of the country.
  2. Customer care is cooperative and good knowledge.
  3. Experienced service guys which really helps.
  4. Pricing is good and variety of segments available for purchase.

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Best models

Here we have classified front front loading washing machine based on Price and features. Read through to find the which is best front loader washing machine ?

Lets first check them out based on price


So that’s the detailed reviews of washing machines that we considered in our testing and reviews. We had around 20 machines reviewed in this segment but only 8 of them felt worth mentioning as they performed really well.

In case if we have missed anything that you were looking for please post it on the comments section below and we will help you out.

Premium Segment

This model was the smartest and best option available in the set of washing machine that we tested. It will suit for any type of family and it has some cool features which make it the best in this segment of premium washing machine.

Budget segment.

This machine was a complete package and it had all the top feature this segment has to offer so this is our recommendation for the budget segment. Our next review will be comparing the top loading washing machine vs front loaders. So stay tuned and thanks for visiting techbesty.in your best friend for all things tech.

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Kiran Sankar

Kiran Sankar

I am a software engineer crazy about technology and gadget. I like knowing about the latest technologies and the way they work. I created this website to share my knowledge on latest tech and products so that it would help you guys find out what is the best for you and decide for your purchase. We have included products from Amazon and Flipkart in here for you to select.

  1. Great work guys this has been one of the most detailed post on washing machines ever read. Most of my doubts are cleared.

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