7 Best Tower Speakers in India for Home 2021

Looking for best tower speakers in India?

Listening to music is one of the best ways to spend time. In this stressful life music can give a relaxation and make you feel stress free. We have some common items that we use to listen to music like a headphone which is great for music listening while travelling or doing your workout but in case you have to play music for others also to hear you need a speaker. Speakers are of various types like a bluetooth speaker, Soundbar, 2.1 Channel , 5.1 Channel and 7.1 one channel which can provide great music listening experience. But recently tower speakers are getting more popular because they improve the look of our setup as well as will have less wires running around. Here I have listed some of the best tower speakers in India that you can buy for your home.

What is a tower speaker?

In a speaker system consider a 5.1 channel speaker system, it will have one woofer and 5 satellite speakers for providing surround sound. Here the woofer will be acting as the central hub and all the satellite speakers will be connected to the woofer using wires.

You can place the 5 satellite speakers in different locations to get a surround sound effect at your home. In case of a tower, we will have single unit which will have a speaker, tweeter and a woofer inside. Tower speaker is considered to be long to accomodate multiple speakers in the same time.

Tower speakers are built of wood usually and the chamber stands vertically and the speakers are arrached in such a way that they produce deep bass and clear treble without any distrortions.

They also come with all the features that a normal 2.1 or 5.1 channel speaker system comes with. Tower speakers have bluetooth and aux port as in a normal speaker system. They also have USB and micro SD card support so that you can play your favourite music from a pen drive or micro SD card.

Why should you buy a tower speaker instead of a normal speaker?

Tower speaker being a tall speaker arrangement give a much more modern look to your entertainment system. Usually tower speakers are used with the TV. Keeping them in side of the TV gives the entire system a better look than a normal 5.1 or 7.1 channel system.

Best Selling Tower Speaker in India

Also they make the setup clean as you will have less wires running around your home as all the speakers in tower system is integrated and all the wires run internally in the chamber.

Best Tower speakers in India for home.

Philips Tower Speaker SPA1100/94

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  • 2.0 Channel stereo
  • 100 W output
  • FM and Bluetooth
  • Wood build

Philips is a popular brand when it comes to electronics and home appliances in India. They have wide range of products in India expecially in TV and Speakers segment.

This model the SPA 1100/94 is a dual tower speakers which is one of the best selling tower speakers in India.

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Its a 2.0 Channel stereo speaker which provides excellent sound output with balanced audio.

This tower speaker has speaker top controls and connectors which make it easy to navigate through option and connections available.

It has a front display showing the input mode as well as volume and FM frequencies.

This tower system comes with tweeters at the top front and with speakers below. Woofers here are placed at the bottom most part which is common with the tower speakers.

Wattage of this speaker is 100W which is great for a mid sized room and it can provide room filling sound. Other features included in this speaker are FM and bluetooth.

Using FM you can tune into variety of local FM stations and using bluetooth option you can connect this speaker to your smartphone or Laptop and enjoy the music in a higher volume. This is a very convenient feature to have.

  • High build quality
  • Bluetooth
  • FM
  • USB input available
  • 100W output is good
  • Service need to be better

Samsung MX-T50/XL

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  • 200 W output
  • Party lighting
  • Bi-directional audio
  • App control

Samsung needs no introduction they are one of the leaders in home appliances and electronics. Their products are known for quality and build. In speakers also they have some high end products in the market.

This model the MX-T50/XL is different from the conventional tower speakers in the market. It has an unique design and it sounds great. It has multiple speaker units integrated into a single chamber and it produces a great sound with a minimal design.

It produces bidirectional sound, so even if you place it in a corner of your room, you will get a room filling sound.

Its powerful tower speakers with 500W output which is best in this segment. It can produce room filling sound and also sound can cover the large halls easily.

In case you are planning to conduct a party in your home then this will give the best result as it has a bass booster option which makes its easily the best tower speaker under 20000 Rupees in India.

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For parties it has another trick of its sleeve. It comes with inbuilt party lighting which is an added advantage so that you can have a great experience with it.

This speaker comes with an app to control the settings which can be used in your mobile, You can control all the functionalities of the tower speaker using the Samsung Giga party audio app. This app also opens door for connecting multiple speakers together so that you can make a stereo pair and play your favourite song.

It also has multi connection option where you can connect to multiple devices together like two mobile phones can be connected at the same time to the speaker.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Great sound
  • Top of the line feature
  • Minimalistic look
  • High Price

Zebronics ZEB-T9500RUCF Tower Speaker

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  • 100 W output
  • Karaoke mode
  • 2 Mic included

Zebronics is of the popular electronics manufacturer in India. They have wide range of products in Speakers as well as computer components.

This model the ZEB-T9500RUCF is one of the well built tower speakers.Its a tall design so it will be hard to be fitted i small spaces but the speaker provides an excellent sound quality in budget segment.

It comes with two speakers at the top and a tweeter. Woofer as in other tower speakers is placed at the bottom most part of the tower.

In specifications it has two 10 inch drivers and also two 4 inch drivers. Along with that it has 1 inch Cloth Dome Tweeters at both the units which helps to produce excellent quality sound.

The bass in this tower speakers is great and its made of good quality wood. The chamber is large enough to produce thumping bass.

The output produced by these speakers 50Wx2 (RMS) and the frequency Response is 40Hz-20KHz. The signal to noise ration here is greater than or equal to 70dB. The separation is greater than or equal to 45dB which is one of the best in this segment.

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The tower speaker supports MP3 playback and also has 2 Mic included in the package which you can use for Karaoke singing.

It has ports for USB drive and also you can put SD and memory card and play songs through it. This speaker comes with inbuilt FM through which you can stream local FM stations easily.

The remote that comes in the package is very responsive and it gas all the functions to control all the options in the tower speaker.

This can be considered one of the best tower speakers under 15000 Rs.

  • High build quality
  • Good Bass
  • Mic for Karaoke
  • Availability is limited
  • Service can be better

F&D T60X

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  • High quality build
  • NFC included for pairing
  • FM included
  • Optical input option
  • 110 W output

If you are looking for powerful bass tower speaker in a budget then it should be from F&D as they make some of the best sound systems in the market.

This model the F&D T60X is one of the popular model in the tower speaker segment. F&D is known for build quality and sound output. This speaker comes with 3 way acoustic design and a 1 inches silk dome tweeter which makes the music listening experience very good.

It comes with 4 inch woofer and 8 inches subwoofer for each channel which provides room filling sound and makes the experience better.

This speaker is made of high quality wood material which avoids any rattling or creaking noise in high volume. Also solid build quality creates better bass.

It comes with all the basic features as well as Bluetooth and NFC which will allow you to stream your music from smart device or TV.

NFC in this tower speaker will help in easy pairing your smartphone to the speaker so that you can play music through the speakers instantly.

Optical input option is rare in this price range and this model from F&D comes with an optical input option. You can connect your TV to this tower speaker using Optical in which helps in getting sound output in high quality.

Like most of the tower speakers this model also comes with karaoke option which you could use to play music and sing a song along. This is good for a communicating with a gathering.

it comes with a good quality remote control which has all the basic options in it to control the functionality of the speaker.

Other specification of this tower speaker includes FM radio option which will help you to play your favourite radio station.

If you consider specification, this tower speaker comes with a frequency response of 20Hz~20KHz and a signal to noise ratio greater or equal to 70dB.

The output power(RMS) of this speaker is 55*2 watts which is great for a speaker in this price range.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Powerful bass
  • NFC included
  • Karaoke option
  • Service can be better

T-Series Blast 10500X

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  • 70 W output
  • Wood build
  • FM included
  • Remote control

T-Series is one of the popular brands in music and movies in India. They also have some music equipments in Indian market.

This model the T-series Blast 10500X is one of the popular models of tower speakers available in Indian market.

It gives an immersive surround sound and hi res audio output. It features one 3 inches tweeter and one 4 inch mid and two 8 inches Woofer Bass Radiators.

The included 2 bass radiators work with the main woofer and produce well-balanced natural warm sound covering the entire room.

It comes with 70W RMS Pure Dynamic sound and also Active Bass/Treble with loudness. It also has a built-in amplifier design which helps in creating clear sound.

This speaker is made of good quality wood and the chamber has large space to produce thumping bass.

All the controls of this tower speaker are placed at the top front of one unit which is very easy to access.

It comes with all the basic options like bluetooth, and FM which makes the speaker one of the best tower speakers in india to buy.

Other features includes a remote which has all the functionalities of the speaker included. You can control all the functions in the speaker like FM and input options using the included remote.

As other tower speakers this also has karaoke mode which you can use to setup with a mic and enjoy your music experience with singing along.

  • High build quality
  • All basic functions available
  • High res audio
  • Availability is limited
  • Service needs to be better

OBAGE DT-2605 Tower Speaker

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  • Wood build
  • 100 W output
  • Lossless bluetooth
  • FM

OBAGE is not that popular brand in India but they have some good quality products in Indian market.

This model the Obage DT-2605 is one of the good looking tower speaker that you can buy in India. It give a unique wood finish which will attract people.

It comes with a 100 watt output which is one of the best in this segment. It produces thumping bass and the treble is well managed.

This tower speaker is made of good quality wood which which keeps it stale on the surface even at high volumes. It can provide room filling experience. If you are looking for best tower speaker in india under a budget then this is the one to choose.

It also has all the basic features needed for a tower speaker. It has bluetooth and FM inbuilt so that you can pair the tower with your smartphone and listen to music.

FM feature enables to stream live FM station with high quality music output from the speaker.

The connectivity of bluetooth offers here is seamless as it provides lossless connection so that you wont have any lag while hearing music though your smartphone.

In my testing the speaker was able to handle bass very well even at high volume which is a plus.

There was no rattling sound from the unit at high volumes and the controls are well places so that they can be easily accessed.

If you are looking for the best tower speaker under 10000 Rupees in India then this is the one to go for.

  • Good quality build
  • Attractive design
  • Seamless bluetooth connection
  • Low price
  • Availability is limited
  • Service need to be better

Germany’s Blaupunkt TS200 Tower Speaker

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  • 200 W output
  • Solid wood build
  • Solid wood build
  • ARC feature available

Blaupunkt is known for the speakers and audio systems that they make. They are very popular in car music systems in India and they now have TV’s and speaker systems for home as well.

This model the Blaupunkt TS200 is one of the best tower speakers in India that you can buy under 15000. It has all the needed features of a tower speaker with tall design and good quality build.

This speaker comes with a wood finish and it is good for Movies, music or any other audio content . It produces 200 watts output which is best in this range and the bass it produces is good. If you are a bass lover then you will really like the experience from this speaker.

It comes with 2 silk dome tweeters which produce clear treble and give you a great listening experience.

The material used here is solid wood which makes it one of the best built tower speaker in this category. The chamber is large and it produces thumping bass which will fill any room where it is kept.

As other tower speakers this also comes with karaoke feature which you can use to sing and enjoy music.

Other main features include Bluetooth, USB, AUX-IN, HDMI, ARC and RCA. With all these connectivity option it can provide good experience for users at any situation.

It includes a 10 inch subwoofer which provides deep bass. In my experience it was great listening to music in this tower speaker.

With excellent build and all the top of the line features this can be one of the best tower speakers In India that you can buy.

  • Great build quality
  • Deep bass
  • All features available
  • Good service
  • Availability is limited

 Now that we have checked some of the best tower speakers in India that you can buy, lets check some o the points that you should consider before buying a tower speaker.

Best Tower Speakers in India: Buyer’s guide

We buy speakers to listen to music. Music may be of different kind but if the experience is good then its really enjoyable. When you are planning to bu a speaker you should consider some points.

Speaker Output

Depending on the room or the space where you are going to place the speaker, you should select the power of the speaker accordingly. If the sound output is more than the level, it will be disturbing for you as well as the near by people of your home.

Basically the power of a speaker is considered in watts. A tower speaker having multiple speaker units into a single chamber is very powerful and produces high sound. I would suggest getting a speakers matching the dimension of room that you need to fill the sound. A typical Indian home should get maximum of 200 watts speaker so that you can enjoy the music without disturbing the neighbours.

Speaker size

Size of a speaker is an important factor here when you consider tower speakers. Tower speakers are usually long so placing them is a bit of a hard task. You should check the dimention fo the place and match it with the speaker that you are going to buy so that it will suit the position where you are planning to keep it.

A long speaker kept in an improper location will look odd and spoil the looks of the space that you are keeping it in.


This is another major factor to consider. Tower speakers come with many features included like Bluetooth, FM, Aux support, USB, SD card reader and also Karaoke. Having all features is great but in case if they are not usefull then you can avoid having it.

As we know having more features means more price for the product. I would suggest following features is a must for a tower speaker

  1. Bluetooth
  2. FM
  3. AUX
  4. USB

Other features mentioned above are not that necessary. If you want it then nothing to stop here else you can surely consider a tower speaker with the main features included which will be enough for your needs.


There are many manufactures in India who have tower speakers in the market. Some produce good quality products but their after sales service is not that great. If you are buying a product then you should always consider the service the manufacturer will provide after the product is sold.

You should check about the manufactures and the service availability in your area so that you can be sure of your speaker to be fixed if it has any issues later on.

Here if we check all the above mentioned points before fixing the deal on a tower speaker then you will get a good deal.

Now let me answer some of the common questions that people ask about tower speakers.

Question and Answers

Which is the best tower speaker?

Any speaker that has good sound output and is in the budget then it can be considered as a best tower speaker. Any of the options mentioned above in the list will satisfy your needs if you are looking for the best tower speakers in India.

What is tower speaker?

Tower speaker as I had mentioned earlier is a different type of arrangement in speakers where you will get multiple speakers added to a single chamber that stands vertically

Usually a tower speaker will have a tweeter and a speaker for treble and a woofer at the bottom for bass. They usually come in 2.1 channel which means they have two speakers and one woofer in a single unit.

Are tower speakers good for surround sound?

This is a common question asked by many people in India. Tower speakers produce sound from the front. If you need a surround sound effect you should have speakers placed all around you. So in my experience tower speakers are great in producing sound but you wont get an actual surround sound experience in a tower setup.

Are tower speakers worth it?

Yes they are defenitely worth it as they provide a great look for your setup. They are minimal looking and they provide good quality sound.

If you want a clean setup for your TV or music system the tower speakers are the way to go as they have less amount of wires running around which makes your room clean.

Thoughts on Best tower speakers in India

Here I have mentioned some of the best tower speakers that you can buy in India. Also I have tried to include the points that you need to consider before buying a tower speaker.

If you select any of the option listed above then I am sure that you will get the best value for money and music listening experience.

Make sure that which ever speaker you buy, try listening music in the sound levels that are suitable for you and also for your neighbours.

If you like this post please share it with your friends so that it will help them making a decision for their purchase.

Thanks for reading this post.

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