How to create macOS Monterey bootable USB

Apple launched their latest version of Mac recently with other OS versions like iOS, iPad OS, Watch OS and TV OS. macOS Monterey is not a big leap from the Big Sur but it has some new features that you can make use of. If you are planning to do a fresh install of the latest version of the Mac or need to reset your Macbook and need a bootable USB then here is how to create macOS Monterey bootable USB

Process to create macOS Monterey Bootable USB

To make a bootable disk for macOS Monterey, you may need some things.

  • USB Pendrive not less than 16GB
  • A Macbook with any version of Mac
  • Make sure the laptop that you are creating the disk is charged enough or is plugged in.

Now that you have the things mentioned above, lets start with the process

Downloading macOS Monterey Installer

  • Go to the home screen of your Macbook and point to the dock and click on the Appstore button.
create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • Now you will see the App store open
  • Click on the search box and search for MacOS monterey
 create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • Once you search for the MacOS Monterey, you will be shown with the installer. Click on the View button on the search.

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  • In the resulting page you will see a get button with details of the latest macOS monterey
  • Click on the get button and the download will start.
create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • The software update window will open and the download will start once you click on “Download” button on that window.
macos monterey installation
  • You will be shown with the download progress bar and may need to wait for some time until the download is done.
setup process for macos monterey
  • Do not click the continue button here as we need to create a boot disk of macOS monterey so close this window.

Creating a macOS monterey Bootable USB

  • To start creating macOS monterey bootable USB first connect the pendrive or HDD to the USB port of the Macbook.
connecting the USB
  • Once the drive is connected, the drive will appear inside the finder.
  • Open Finder and navigate the USB.
detecting USB drive
  • We need to format this drive to start with the process. For that go to the lauchpad and open the disk utility or search for disk utility and open it.
disk utility
  • Once the disk utility is open, you will see your connected USB drive there.
erasing disk
  • One thing you need to make sure is that the disk is formatted to the format supported by Mac. Select the disk from the sidebar and click on erase.
selecting the disk for macos Monterey
  • Once you click erase, you will see a popover where you will be able to select the partition type. Select MacOS extended(journaled) and click “Erase”. You can also set a name for the drive if you need. By default it will be Untitled.

setting partition format
  • After the erasing is complete, you will see a done button, click on that and your USB disk is ready.
disk erased

Creating a USB Disk for macOS

  • Locate the installer file that you have downloaded earlier in the first step.
  • Open the Finder and scroll to the Application section on the left panel and click on it.
finding macos Monterey installer
  • Here you will find the “Install macOS monterey” file.
installer media
  • Right Click on the install macOS Monterey and click on the “Show Package Content” from the menu.
show macos content
  • In the resulting window click on the “Contents” folder.
  • Inside the contents folder you will need to search for “Resources”.
  • Click open Resources folder, search for “createinstallermedia”.
finding the installer
  • Keep this window open and open Terminal of the mac.
  • Terminal will help you to create boot disk for macOS Monterey.
  • We will be using some commands to create the disk now.

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  • In the terminal window enter – sudo “drag and drop the createinstallmedia” file to the terminal.
  • The resulting command will look like this.
terminal command for installation
  • After this command line do not press enter. Enter the following [-– volume “add the usb drive location here”]
USB to terminal
  • You can just drag and drop the USB drive volume to the end of the command line to add it.
  • To find the USB volume, Go to home screen of the mac and navigate to the menu bar at the top and click “Go”
Searching for volumes to create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • Now you are all set. Hit enter on the terminal window.
  • You will be asked to return the password of your Macbook, enter the right password and hit return key again.

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  • Terminal will show a warning message as your drive will be formatted. Enter “y” and hit return button again.
  • At first your USB drive will be formatted and then the macOS Monterey bootable USB creating process will start.
create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • After the process is done, you will see as the installation media is ready with the destination path.

create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • At this point, you will see the disk mounted and also in the finder you will see the drive shown.
create macOS Monterey bootable USB
  • Eject the drive from the USB port after ejecting the drive by right clicking it on the desktop. You can keep this disk if you need to install fresh macOS monterey install.

You can now reboot the mac and enter recovery mode by pressing option button and install a fresh copy of MacOS monteray.

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