How to Enable Offline Mail option in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most wide spread mail service used all over the world. All email services have one limitation when you are offline. We may not be able to access the email inbox when we are not having internet. Google has now added a solution for this in their email service as we can now enable offline mode in gmail. Here is how to enable office mail option in Gmail.

How to Enable Offline Mail option in Gmail

How to enable offline mail option in Gmail

Offline mode in Gmail enables you to access most of its features as if you were connected to internet. Following options are available when there is no internet in your laptop or desktop that you are trying to access your email.

  • Unread Emais
  • Send new Email to people(Will be sent when you are back online).
  • Check your inbox.

You should follow these steps to enable the offline mode.

  • Open Gmail in Chrome browser 61 or higher and click on the gear icon at the top right of the window to go to the settings.
  • Click on the “See All Settings” button on the resulting popover.
  • You will see a new page here which will show all settings in the gmail.
  • Click on the Offline tab on the resulting page.

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  • Now you will see a check box which will show “Enable offline mail“.

enable offline mail
  • Once you click checkbox you will be shown with more option to customise the offline mode.
gmail offline
  • These options enable you to store the email content locally so that they can be accessed any time on the go without internet.
  • The local storage on your laptop or desktop will be used to store the content and you can sync the email content upto 90 days.

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  • Also attachments also can be stored locally.
  • One you have read the details and selected the appropriate option click on Save changes.
  • And you are done. Now you will be able to access your Gmail without an internet connection.

One thing to notice here is that here we have seen how to Enable Offline Mail option in Gmail but Sending an email while you are offline won’t actually send the email to the recipient, instead it will be stored in outbox and the mail will be send once you are back online.

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