How to take screenshot in windows 10

Taking screenshots come really handy in some cases as yo may need to point out somethings that you see on the screen to any person or you can store an important piece of data as an image without copying that. Here I am going to take you through how to take screenshot in windows 10.

Basically taking screenshot is an option available on any operating system and is not limited to windows. Most of the ways are common but here I am trying to list out some ways that will be easy.

How to Take Screenshot In Windows 10

Taking screenshot using Print Screen button(Prtscn).

This button is available in all the keyboards that you can use to take screenshots or also can print your screen to a file. There are three options available with print screen button.

  1. Save the screenshot directly as a file
  2. Screenshot without saving it to a file
  3. Capturing a window

Now lets check the above mentioned types of screenshot in detail.

Save the screenshot directly as a file

This is the most common way to take print out in windows 10. If you have a windows compatible keyboard then you may need to press Windows logo key and the Print screen button together (Windows + print screen). In case if you are using a windows tablet then you may need to press windows logo button and volume down(Windows logo + volume down) button together to get the screenshot.

how to take screenshot in windows 10

The screenshot taken here will be of your entire screen and it will be automatically stored into your computers pictures folder with a folder name called “Screenshots”

how to take screenshot in windows 10  easily

When you press the key combination of windows logo+ print screen the screen will dim representing you screenshot is taken and come back to normal.

This is one if the simplest way to take screenshot in windows 10.

Screenshot without saving it to a file

This is another option that comes handy if you want to paste the taken screenshot to any picture or photo editor. Here you just need to press “Print screen” button in your keyboard pointing to the window that you need to take screenshot at the front.

Here what happens is that the complete screen is captured and stored in your system cache and you can use it to past the screenshot to any place you need. Dimention of the screenshot will be the resolution of the screen that you have set.

In case if you have a screen resolution of full hd then your screenshot resolution will be 1920 * 1080. This goes based on the screen resolution but this is one of the easiest menthod to capture screenshot.

After pressing print screen you can paste the image into paint and edit it simply.

Now in these mentioned methods the issue is that your entire screen will get captured but in case you don’t want to share your entire screen to anyone and only show the window that is open then you need to follow the next method.

Capturing a window

This feature comes really handy if you want to make screenshot of a specific window that you need to share with some one else or upload. For this you need to use the Alt key. Pressing “Alt + print screen” will capture the screenshot of a specific window that is in focus.

take screenshots in windows 10

In case you need a lower resolution image you can make the window to be smaller in size and take the screenshot.

Now these options does not give enough flexibility that we actually want. What in case you don’t want to take screenshot of an entire window ans just need to capture a specific section in the window.

Then the above mentioned options wont work. For doing that you can try the following option.

Screenshot of a part of the screen.

This option comes really handy if you want to just point out a specific thing to some one. You can capture the specific part of a window and share it or add an arrow to it.


To do this you can use a key combination of “Windows + Shift+ S”. When this is done the screen will get greyed out and you will have a mouse pointer on the screen which you can take to a specific position and drag to select eh area. This will capture the part of the screen and store it into the clipboard.

Now you can go to an photo or image editor like paint and paste it and edit. The problem here is you can only use it in Windows 10’s creators update. In the creators update this feature some integrated with windows 10 itself.

Using the Snipping tool for windows 10 screenshots.

There is a native tool inside Microsoft Windows 10 that you can use to take screenshots. Snipping tool comes really handy if you want to take screenshots a particular area or the entire screen. You can create snips that you can mark and share it to anyone.

There is a delay function available which can take screenshots of popup menu and other things like tooltips.

You can find the snipping tool from start menu or just searching snipping tool from the search box in the taskbar. There is a delay option available in the snipping tool that could help in scheduling a screenshot with a delay. It comes really handy if you want to take screenshot of a popover or a tooltip.

There are many option in type of snip that you can get using the snipping tool.

  • Free form snip
  • Rectangular snip
  • Window and full screen

The delay timer really helps in capturing the exact popover or tooltip that you are looking to capture.

Using an external tool for screenshots

There are many screen capturing tools available to download on windows 10. Some are very easy to use and provide many editing options on the go.

Following are some tools that I tried and found to be good.

  1. Lightshot
  2. Greenshot
  3. Snapdraw
  4. Gadwin


This tool comes really handy if you are looking to take screenshot fast and easy way. It has many options inbuilt that you can use to edit the take screenshot. It provides features to capture the specific part of the screen or to capture the entire screen.

You can use the editor options to annotate the captured image as well as pointing out a specific place in the screenshot.

how to take screenshot in windows 10

You are also provided with options to share the taken screenshots directly to social media as well as upload it to google drive. This comes really handy in some cases. You can try out light shot by checking this page.

This application is available for download in Mac as well as windows.

After installing lightshot you can use this key combination to capture the screenshot “ctrl+shift+9” .


In case you are looking for how to take screenshot in windows 10 then this is another best option available for download. Greenshot is similar to Lightshot as it has similar options to edit the screenshot that you have captured.

The main difference from this and lightshot is that you can do a scroll capture where you can capture the entire page by scrolling. You can save the captured screenshots in different formats like JPEG. PNG and GIF.

Main highlights:

  1. Capture selected region on your screen.
  2. Easily anotate with inbuilt editing tools.
  3. Share the captures screenshot easily by sharing in gmail and uploading in popular photo services like google photos etc.

Only issue I noticed is that this tool is not available for Mac and limited to Windows. You can download greenshot for windows 10 visiting this link.


This is another tool that provides an easy way to take screenshot in Windows 10. It has many handy features that could help. You can add some effects to the screenshots that you have captured. It provides some some addons like capturing 3d image and adding some transparency to the captured screenshot as well.

This tool also provide the basic features that other tools provide as well like capturing a specific region and getting the entire screen.


This is another tool that you can use as an alternative for your traditional print screen button. This tool provides more options like capturing a specific part of the screen and also editing and adding text to you captured screen.

You can find the Gadwin tool here.

How to take screenshot in windows 10

So the above mentioned are some of the best options that you could use to take screenshot in windows 10. Here I have tried to add some basic tips as well as an info for people who are looking to know how to take screenshot in windows 10. I noticed that Lightshot and greenshot were equally good in this process and I would suggest using those.

If you like this post please share also please add comments with any new tool that has worked for you so that others also could know about it.

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