Mi Smart Water Purifier Installation and Review

Mi Smart Water Purifier Installation

Drinking water is one of the most important daily routine that we need to follow to stay healthy. Usually a person should drink at-least 2 litre of water every day. This will help in maintaining the fluid levels in the body and the metabolism of the body remains good. We cant just collect water from the pipe and drink as now a days water is very polluted and also a primary cause of water borne diseases. We need to be sure that the water that we drink is pure and free from bacterias and contamination. Here I am going to give an idea on Mi Smart Water Purifier Installation and Review which could really come handy if you are planning to buy this water purifier.

Mi is one of the popular companies that makes home equipments. They are well into smart home products as well. This water purifier from Mi is a smart water purifier that you can buy online. The smart features added to this water purifier really comes handy and this is one of the few water purifier that has smart features included in it.

Mi Smart Water Purifier

Main Features of the Mi Smart Water Purifier.

  1. Mi Home App control
  2. Live TDS level in the APP
  3. Self service (Filter Replacement).
  4. Easy Installation.

The above mentioned are some of the features that make the Mi Smart water purifier a great option for your home in case you are looking for a best water purifier under 15000 rs In India.

Mi Smart Water Purifier comes with RO, PAC and PPC filter which makes sure that the water that we drink is free from any contamination, odour or bacteria that could harm our body.

Lets now check the uses of the above mentioned filtration technologies.

RO: Also known as Reverse Osmosis is a process that is used to remove unwanted particles, ion’s and molecules that are unwanted in the water. This makes the water better to drink and also it reduces contamination in the water which makes it healthy.

PAC: Also known as Post Activated Carbon filter remove the contaminants in the water which makes the water more pure and free from unwanted particles that make the water unhealthy to drink. This also avoids water born disease to last extent.

PPC: Polypropylene activated carbon filter is one of the vital factors for removing rust, visible particles and dust. It plays very vital role in cleaning the water. There are many suspended particles in water now a days. The PPC filter makes sure that the suspended particles are removed at maximum so that we can get the best water to drink.

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Other features of Mi Smart Water Purifier

Mi Smart Water Purifier features

Mi Smart Water Purifier and Unboxing and Review

How to buy?

You can buy the mi smart water purifier from Amazon and Mi website. In case you are looking to buy the same you can check out these links below so that you can get it in discount.

Mi Smart Water Purifier unboxing
Mi Smart Water Purifier setup

You can also buy the same from Mi website by clicking this link


Mi Smart water purifier wad delivered in the typical box with well packaging and also protection. The box had the images of the water purifier and some basic details.


When the box was opened following things were found.

First came out the user manual and warranty information for the Mi smart water purifier.

water purifier user manual and warranty
user manual
warranty info

Then comes the important components like the PPC,RO and PAC filters that you may need to attach to the filter when it’s installed.

Mi smart water purifier filters

PPC FIlter

PPC filter

RO Filter

RO filter

PAC Filter

PAC filter

Next comes the pipe attachments and the wall plugs for drilling and screws for mounting.


Next comes the water filter itself packed in a polythene cover.

Water filter

The pipe attachment inlet hose and the water water outlet hose comes at last.

inlet and outlet hose

That’s it with the unboxing. Now lets have a physical over view of the water filter itself

Mi Smart Water Purifier Physical overview

In the front we can see multiple options like the

  1. Filter switch button
  2. Filter status LED which denotes the status of the filter and updates if the filters needs replacement.
  3. Mi Logo
  4. Wifi Indicator LED
  5. Reset switch used to reset the filter after installing new filters
  6. Water outlet lever used to take water out.
  7. Water outlet

At the top of the filter we can see the 7 litre water storage tank covered with a grey lid which we can remove easily. Inside the water storage tank we can see a UV light which gets activated every 30 minutes to sterilise the water stored in the tank.

water filter tank

At the back we can see the power cord inside a box and also the water inlet and outlet valve.

power cord

On the front side there is a lid that we can open to install the PPC,RO and PAC filters that come in the box.

filter slot

If you check the user manual we have all the things available in the box are mentioned so that we can check if we do not miss anything.

user manual details

Mi Smart Water purifier Installation

Let’s now begin with installation. First we need to grab the water inlet and outlet hose and connect it to the valves at the back of the water purifier.

Each hose is labeled so that we can easily identify them easily.

inlet hose

For connecting the inlet hose to the water supply pipe we need a connector which comes in the box. Take the connecter and attach it to the inlet hose.

pipe connector

Now grab the outlet hose and connect it to the outlet valve at the back of the purifier.

outlet hose
in and out
connection points

Remove the plus on the inlet and outlet valve and connect the hoses to the valves

connected inlet outlet

After connecting the hoses lock the hoses to the valves but the red locks provided in the box. On doing this the back of the water purifier will look like this.

after connection

Installing filters in the water purifier.

You need to uncover all the 3 types of filters available in the box and install them according the markings in the section.

Installing filters

You just need to position the locks matching the filter and the slot in the unit and rotate it to lock it in place.

Similarly you can install all the 3 filters in place.

After installing the filters in all the slots the water filter unit will look like this.

filters installed

You need to mount the water filter unit to the wall using the provided screws and plugs..

Close the section with the lid provided and you are done. The installation of water purifier is done.

Mi Smart Water Purifier Setup

Now that we have installed the water purifier, let’s find out how to setup the water purifier and connect it to wifi.

  1. Turn on the water supply and then the power switch.

2. As we have installed new filters to the water purifier its better to reset the filters to get the actual capacity of the filters. For that open the filter section and press the reset button in the front to reset all the filters.

Mi smart water purifier reset

When the lid is open the light in the top if the installed filters will glow blue after reset which means all the added filters are reset and are ready to use.

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Mi smart water purifier setup

Close the compartment lid and now your filter is all set to connect to the mi home app.

Setting up Mi Home app.

  1. Install the Mi home app from Google play store or Apple Appstore.
  2. After installing signup with your Mi account.
  3. After the signup is done from the home screen of the app press the plus button at the top right.
mi home app setup

In the Kitchen appliances section you will find the Mi Smart Water purifier listed. Click on that so that you can start configuring it.

mi smart water purifier mi home

Now you will be asked to reset the water purifier by pressing the switch and the reset button together. After doing that check the operation confirmed checkbox and click next.

reset water purifier

Next step is to add your wifi details. Select the details accordingly and click next.

wifi details

After selecting wifi you need to go to your phone wifi settings and select the yummi-waterpuri ssid and connect as shown in the picture below.

connecting wifi

This will make the water purifier to connect to the internet wifi. Complete the process and now you will see a blue light glowing on the wifi LED in the water purifier which denotes as the water purifier is connected to the internet.

wifi led

Open the Mi home app again and you will see the water purifier listed there.

water purifier setup complete

Here you will see the TDS level and on clicking the icon we can see the filter status and how much litre of water the filter has purifier till now.

mi smart water purifier

Here you will see the filter life in percentage as 97% in the above image and the TDS level of the water.

On clicking each filter type you can order a replacement as well.

mi smart water purifier

Also you can see the amount of water purifier in specific day or week by clicking the water purified details at the bottom of the screen.

mi smart water purifier

On clicking the 3 dots at the top right of the purifier home page we can see many other options like

Purifier name, Network info and also Firmware updates if available.

mi smart water purifier
It’s recommended to run the water purifier twice and empty the tank to start using the water for drinking to remove any contamination that had happened in the filters and the purifier during the manufacturing process.

If you want to buy the Mi Smart water purifier then you can click on the button below for best offers

mi smart water purifier

Mi Smart Water Purifier. Is it worth it?

The answer of this question is yes. Mi Smart Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers under 15000 Rs that you can buy in India. It provide all the features of a high end water purifier and also is smart.

Tracking the status of the filters via an app makes the process real easy also the maintenance of this water purifier is real simple. You do not need a annual maintenance contract as other manufacturers for maintaining the filters.

In the Mi water purifier you can replace the filters by your own will makes it a better choice than any other option available in the market.

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