5 Best Portable Projector for home and travel

Watching a movie at home in large screen is a wonderful experience. When we are with our family we can get an immersive experience like a theatre at home with a large screen TV. Even though TV’s are common at home, they have a limitation in screen size. TV’s with screen sizes upto 85 inches are common in homes now a days. TV’s are huge and have a limitation as we may not be able to carry around with us to places that we go. If you think of getting a theatre like experience anywhere then we should consider a projector. Projectors now a days are very advanced and have greate image quality even in bright rooms. Portable projectors are being liked by people due to the small form factor and the screen size that they provide. Here lets check out some of the best portable projector for home in India.

Before starting with the options and features that we need to consider let’s check out some points that we need to consider before getting one.

Portable projector for home

Best portable projector for home in india Buyers Guide

Projectors are known to be devices that project screen to a wall or a projector screen. When it comes to projectors we have some things that we need to consider. A TV has a backlight built in but a projector projects light on to the wall, ambient lighting is a crucial factor here.

If you have visited a cinema theatre, we usually find dark rooms to get the best projection of image on the screen at the front. Projection from the projector needs dark ambience for the image on the screen to be clear.

Best Selling Portable Projectors

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Some points to consider in a portable projector

  • Portability
  • Lumens
  • Screen size
  • Lamp Life
  • Features
  • Interface
  • Price

Let’s discuss about the above mentioned points in detail.


If you are looking for best portable projector for home cinema then you may need to consider the portability as well. Portable projectors are expected to be light weight and also small in size so that we can carry them around. Portable projectors are not expected to be placed in one place. They are bought for carrying around when we travel. Consider that you are going for camping and you need to spend time watching movie with your friends then a portable projector is a best choice here. You can just get a screen and place a projector in front of it. You are done. Most of the projectors in market come with all needed features built in so that you may not need any attachments even if you are in a remote place.

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Weight is another crucial factor to consider here. When you say portable, you may need to carry the projector in your bag. With a heavy device, you may feel the weight in your back which may be not so comfortable.

Keeping these points in mind we need to consider a portable projector for home or travel.

Best portable projector


When it comes to TV brightness plays an important role. Especially if you are placing your TV on a bright room. Visibility is a major concern as the light from outside may cause reflections on the panel making it hard to be seen. If you are looking for a projector vs tv for home theatre then lumens play an important role. Lumens of the led inside the projector determines how much brightness you can get on the screen. More the brightness, better you will be able to see the content on the screen even at bright day. Usually we use projectors on a dark room but in case you are using your projector as a portable display then you l may carry it around to different places. This will create problems to use it in outdoors as the brightness will be low making it hard to see. So before making purchase we need to consider Lumens in a projector.

Screen size

To get a home theatre projector, screen size really matters as projectors are expected to provide large screen experience. Keeping this in mind we need to check the maximum screen size than the projector to cast the image on the screen. It usually ranges from 80 to 120 inches but some projectors can go further. One thing to note here is that the image or the content that we see on the projector screen could degrade In quality as we increase the screen size.

This happens to reduction in PPI which is pixels per inch as the screen size increases. It all depends on the projection quality. If a projector is rated to cast a full HD image then the size could be around 120 inch. 4K projects are available in the market which can case more than 120 inches without compromising the image quality.

Lamp life

Another major factor that you may need to consider before getting a portable projector in India is the lamp life. There are many brands like Ben, HP, Epson and so on which have projectors in the market. They are more of a normal projector which are meant to be placed in a single location and not moved around. When it comes to portable projector, the hardware should be light weight and also durable. Projector lamps need a good amount of protection and also should have good running time so that they could last for long. Replacing projector lamps could be costly.


In the search of mini projector at home features play a deciding factor. People need more features in less price and also company compete with each other providing more features in their products to increase the sales. Considering this we need to check what features that we need is present in the projector. Being a device that is able to cast movies on to the screen, we need basic features like good amount of I/O ports. HDMI 2.1 would be a great option to have here so that we can play high resolution play back. USB ports are needed to connect an external hard drive or pen drive to play content on the big screen.

Headphone jack can be used to connect external speaker to complete the theatre experience.Other features like a remote and precision keystone is a great addition and an added advantage on any projector which is portable.

Portable projector in india


Earlier days projectors came with minimum features and did not have any interface that will make it easier to control the projector. When it comes to portable projector an interface is an important addition. Most of the TV’s come with some kind of interface to control various features of the TV. Similarly projectors also have custom interface. TV’s with android comes with stock android or a skin over the OS. A custom interface will make it easier to work with the settings and adjust the picture and also the output of the projector as per your need. I would suggest you get a portable projector with an interface so that we can set it up easily in any location that you take it.

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Every purchase finally comes to the price which makes a deal. Price is an important factor when it comes to projector. Based on the available features, manufacturers price the product and for a projector people will look to buy a projector which has maximum features compared to the competition in a lower price.

Now that we have checked out some points to consider before getting a portable projector for home and travel in India for home or office lets check some options that are available in the market.

Which is the best portable projector in India?

Having many options in the market always create confusion as to which product to buy. Here I have tried to solve that problem and below are some options available in the portable projector segment.In my personal experience the BenQ GS50 is one of the great option to consider in the portable projector segment.

Best Portable Projector for home

BenQ GS50 1080p Full HD Smart Portable Projector

BenQ GS50 portable projector
BenQ GS50 1080p Full HD Smart Portable Projector, 500 ANSI Lumens, 20W Channel Speakers for Extra Bass, Android TV 9.0, Bluetooth, WiFi, Chromecast & Airplay, Auto Focus, 2D Keystone, HDMI, USB-C
  • BIG & CLEAR CINEMATIC PICTURE: with 1080p Full HD...
  • 2.1 CHANNEL AUDIO W/EXTRA BASS: 2.1 Channel Bluetooth...
  • OPTIMAL PICTURE MODES: Optimized Picture Modes powered by...
  • TRUE PORTABILITY: With 2.5 Hrs of long battery life, a handy...
  • WIRELESS & DIVERSE ENTERTAINMENT: Embedded Google-certified...

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Top Features:

  • 500 Lumens
  • HDR 10 HLG
  • 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker
  • 2.5 Hours in built battery
  • Android TV
  • HDMI 2.0B

One of the first brand name that comes into our mind when we think about projectors is BenQ as they are pioneers in display as well as projectors. They have class leading technology and also expertise in this segment and BenQ projectors are known to last really long and are durable with lot of features that other brands does not offer in similar price segment.

This model the BenQ GS50 is one of the top rated portable projector for home which you can buy now. It comes with great set of features and is portable so that you can carry it around without any issues. For resolution we get a Full HD screen which provides immersive movie watching and content consumption.

As we had discussed earlier, lumens of the lamp is a major factor to consider in a projector. This model comes with a 500 ANSI lumens which is quite bright and is suitable for bright environment. It comes with HDR 10 and HLG which is a great addition making the movie watching experience better.

When it comes to sound BenQ has packed the projector with good set of features like a 2.1 channel bluetooth speaker which you can use as a separate speaker when you travel. We get 2 speakers here with 5W rating and a 10W woofer which makes the sound better.

Cinematic colour is a good option here and it has 98% Rec 709 wide colour gamut which makes the colour reproduction on the screen better.

Being portable it has an inbuilt battery which can last upto 2.5 hours. You can use the projector in any location without an external power source. This is a great feature to have if you need to setup a screen when you travel.

Interface here is Android TV. which makes the usage of the projector more easy. You can setup the projector simple and also we can install custom apps as per our needs. It also has AirPlay which will help to cast the screen on your iPhone to a larger screen making it easier to share your videos with friends and family members.

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The keystone used here is very adjustable and you can easily set according to the need of your screen.It has autofocus feature making it a great option to take with you while you travel.

To make it durable and also travel friendly BenQ has provided IPX2 splash proof rating and also 2.3ft drop protection.

When it comes to ports we get HDMI 2.0B port and 1 USB C port which has power delivery. You can use this port to power on the projector and also charge the battery. We get a USB 2.0 port here and 1 audio output.

In the segment of projectors, this is one of the best portable projector for home in India that you can buy today.

  • Durable design
  • Good battery backup
  • Compact
  • HDMI 2.1 was needed

Samsung The Freestyle 100 Portable Projector

Samsung Freestyle
Samsung The Freestyle 100" Smart and Compact Portable LED Projector with in-Built OTT Apps (SP-LSP3BLAXXL, HDR10, Wi-Fi, 360 Sound, 180 Degree Projection Angle, Auto Focus & Auto Key Stone, White)
  • Dynamic Color (FHD) 30" - 100" Screen Size Smart Projector...
  • Smart Interface with In Built OTT Apps - Netflix, Hotstar...
  • Omni directional 360 degree Sound with Dolby Digital Plus |...
  • Auto Keystone and Auto Focus with intelligent picture...
  • Voice Assistant - Alexa and Bixby | Smart Remote | Mobile...

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Top Features:

  • 100 inch screen
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • 360 degree sound
  • Full HD display
  • HDR 10
  • Alexa and Bixby support
  • Auto keystone

If you are searching for a TV in the market then you will definitely come across some good brands like Samsung and LG. In the projector segment, Samsung has recently entered with a portable projector which is one of the best options available in Indian Market.

The Freestyle as the name suggest is compact and portable and you can carry it around to any places that you travel. It comes with Dynamic Colour FHD display and you can make a screen size of 100 inch which is great for the size of the projector.

When it comes to display related features, we get HDR 10 here which will make your movie watching experience better. Samsung has included HLG and also Crystal engine which will provide vivid colour reproduction on the screen.

With compact size and dimensions, you can carry this projector on your backpack and enjoy a large screen experience in any location.

The interface is smart here which is easy to control and also you get all the OTT platform apps installed on the projector itself. You can enjoy movies from Netflix, Hotstar and prime video.

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In the sound department Samsung has added speakers which create 360 degree omnidirectional sound and the included Dolby digital plus improves your experience.

The highlighting feature of this portable projector is that it comes with Auto Keystone. The display focus will adjust according to the surface that you are pointing it to. The distance and the angle are automatically calculated.

With the support of Alexa and Bixby, you can control the functionalities of the projector using your voice. Having a good after sales service and good set of features, this is one of the best portable projector for home use in India that you can buy today.

  • 100 Inch Screen
  • Portable size
  • Good Brightness
  • More I/O needed

XGIMI Elfin Mini Projector

XGIMI projector
XGIMI Elfin Mini Projector, Ultra Compact 1080P Portable Projector 4K Input Supported for Movies & Gaming, Android TV 10.0, 800 ANSI Lumens, HDR 10, Harman Kardon Speakers, Auto Keystone, Auto Focus
  • Elfin provides all the amazing features of any XGIMI...
  • Elfin packs some seriously powerful brightness and FHD...
  • Elfin’s throw ratio makes it suitable for projecting in...
  • Simply plug it in, power it on rapidly with our fast boot...
  • Detects objects in the projection area and scales the image...

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Top Features:

  • 800 Lumens brightness
  • Android 10
  • Dolby and DTS support
  • AI included
  • 200 inch screen

Some projector brands are new in India but they are very popular in other countries. Similar brand is XHIMI. They have variety of products in International market and the mini portable projector that we are going to check is one of the best in the segment.

It comes with some unique set of features that others in this segment does not offer. Like other projectors that we had discussed about the XGIMI Elfin Mini Projector has a 1080 P display which is very bright and you will be able to see the content clearly in different lighting situations.

This model comes with Ai technology which makes it easy to setup and use in a small amount of time. It adjusts the image quality and also the focus according to the surface the content is being projected.

Unlike other projectors that we have checked earlier. this projector comes with an 800 lumens display which is plety bright. You can get a 100 inch screen during the day time and a 200 inch screen during night making this one of the best projector for home in India that you can buy.

If you are a movie lover and also need good sound then you have it covered here. This projector comes with a 6W Harman Kardon speaker which can provide crystal clear sound output. Added with DTS and Dolby support if you connect a supporting speaker system or sound bar then you may not need to go to theatre to watch a movie.

The interface that you get here is Android 10 which is simple and easy to use and you will be able to install various kinds of app from the android playstire.

Considering the price and the features on offer this can be used as a portable projector for office use as well as in Home.

  • Bright display
  • Good Sound
  • AI features
  • Limited service

BenQ GV30

BenQ portable projector
BenQ GV30 Android TV 9.0 16W Extra Bass (1280 x 720) Smart Portable Projector 300 lumens (Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless, WiFi, Chromecast & AirPlay, Auto Focus & Keystone, HDMI, USB-C)
  • BIG & CLEAR CINEMATIC PICTURE: 720p HD Resolution & 300 ANSI...
  • ENTERTAINMENT ON THE GO: GV30 comes along with Android TV...
  • 2.1 CHANNEL AUDIO WITH EXTRA BASS: 2.1 Channel Bluetooth...
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY: AirPlay & Chromecast wireless...

Last update on 2022-12-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Features:

  • 720P screen
  • 2.5 hours battery
  • 8W woofer and 4W speaker
  • Android 9
  • WiFi hotspot

BenQ as we had sen earlier are the leaders in projector segment and if you are looking for a portable projector in india the BenQ is a brand that you can look into. BenQ GV30 is one of the unique looking projector and also you can carry it around really easily.

This portable projector comes with a 720P HD resolution with a screen brightness level of 300 lumens You can connect 4K input to this projector without any issues.

It can provide vibrant color output with various bult in picture mode. It comes with features like cinematic color and 97% TEC.709 wide color gamut.

Like other projectors that we have seen earlier, this model comes with Android 9 and google play store suppport You can download any kind of needed apps from playstore.

For sound we get 2.1 channel speakers built in. Each speaker is rated at 4w and we get a pair of these. Also It comes with 8W woofer which makes the movie watching experience better.

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Goos set of connectivity features are included with projector like Airplay so that you can cast the content of your iPhone on the screen and also Chrome case support. You can also create wifi hotspot with this projector which comes handy when you are travelling.

It has an inbuilt battery which can last upto 2.5 hours in a single charge. Considering all features and the price that it comes in, this is one of the best projector for home and office in India.

  • Durable build
  • Good battery
  • Sound output is good
  • Brightness is less

Nebula Mars II Portable Projector

Nebular Mars II
Nebula Mars II Portable Projector with 720p 500 Lumen ANSI DLP Picture, Dual 10W Speakers, Android 7.1, 1 Second Auto-Focus, 4-Hour Playtime, USB, HDMI (Black)
  • Advanced DLP technology provides more detailed, more vibrant...
  • Mirror your phone with Miracast or connect to devices via...
  • Make your phone a remote control with the Nebula Connect...
  • Transform any room into a home cinema to bring the movies to...
  • Make the great outdoors greater with 4 hours of non-stop...

Last update on 2022-12-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Top Features:

  • 720 P display
  • 10 W speakers system
  • 500 Lumens screen
  • Android 7.1
  • 4 Hours playback

If you are searching for the best portable projector under 40000 then the Nebula Mars II is the one you should consider, It has a great set of features that is suitable for most of your needs.

Like the previous BenQ projector that we checked, this model also comes with a 720P display which is good enough to see content while you travel. The display is bright enough for most of the lighting situations. We get a 500 lumens screen here which you can use to case Movies and TV shows on the go.

The DLP technology included with the projector makes the picture and video more vibrant which is very enjoyable. This model also comes with basic connectivity features like Miracast and HDMI. We also get 1 USB port which can be used to connect external storage.

In the sound department we get 10W speakers that are pretty loud and you can avoid carrying any additional soundbar with you. With the included 4 hours of battery we can enjoy a full movie in one charge.

It comes with a great set of features which can be really useful if you are a road warrior or go camping regularly.

  • Sleek design
  • Good bright display
  • Sound is great
  • Full HD screen needed


Now that we have checked some of the basic points that you need to consider before getting a portable projector for home and office use in india, you will have an idea of selecting. Any option from the list above will provide value for money and also come with good set of features that you may need to work with when you travel. Projectors are one of the best alternatives for TV’s that we have at home. They can create a large screen easily compared to the TV and also they are much portable so that we can carry them around.

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