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How to Save iPhone 12 Battery Life

Apple this year has launched four iPhones which is the first time it has happened. All are powered by Apple's own silicon the A14 Bionic which is the first mobile processor with 5nm architecture in the market. The A14 bionic is one of the most powerful SOC that is available in any smartphone and ...

5 Best WordPress plugins for SEO

Ranking in search results like google or bing is a dream come true for most of the people. Some people really work hard but their pages do not rank due to lack in search engine optimization or due to poor internal linking. So here lets check 5 best wordpress plugins for SEO. Wordpress is a very ...

How to clean home easily ?

How to clean home is one of the most frequently asked question by any one who lives his/her home and want to keep it clean. Here we have tried to crack the nut with some tips and tricks that you can follow to clean your home. Cleaning home is a tedious process especially if you are not a ...

How to convert webp to jpg

Want to convert webp to jpg? then checkout the section below. Image conversion is one of the things that we usually do because in some cases apps that we are looking to upload an image does not support the image format that we have. So at recent time we are hearing more about webp images and if ...

How to take screenshot in windows 10

Taking screenshots come really handy in some cases as yo may need to point out somethings that you see on the screen to any person or you can store an important piece of data as an image without copying that. Here I am going to take you through how to take screenshot in windows 10. Basically ...


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