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How to clean home easily in 2022?

Want to know how to clean home easily? How to clean home is one of the most frequently asked question by any one who lives his/her home and want to keep it clean. Here we have tried to crack the nut with some tips and tricks that you can follow to clean your home. Cleaning home is a tedious ...

10 Best Hand Sanitizer in India

Looking for a best hand Sanitizer in india? Your search is over. We have tried more than 30 hand sanitizers and this is the list that contains the best alcohol based hand sanitizer in India. Hand santizers are a thing which we cannot live without now a days. Since the start of Covid 19 last ...

How to Show Battery Percentage in iPhone

This has been a topic of discussion for long as iOS in iPhone never had an option to show battery percentage on the status bar. It is a very convenient feature on android that you can stay updated on the amount of battery that the phone has just by looking onto the status bar. Here is how to Show ...

How to convert webp to jpg

How to convert webp to jpg Image conversion is one of the things that we usually do because in some cases apps that we are looking to upload an image does not support the image format that we have. So at recent time we are hearing more about webp images and if you are having a website google is ...

How to Save iPhone 13 Battery Life

Apple this year has launched four iPhones which is the first time it has happened. All are powered by Apple's own silicon the A15 Bionic which is the first mobile processor with 5nm architecture in the market. The A15 bionic is one of the most powerful SOC that is available in any smartphone and ...


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