WWDC 2021: What is expected this year?

As we know it’s the time of the year when Apple is expected to launch its new software. This year around we have some roomers of some hardware also joining the launch event that will happen on June 7th this month. WWDC 2021 is scheduled on June 7th 2021 and world is waiting to see what Apple has planned this year in World Wide Developer Conference

Usually in WWDC every year we see some new software upgrades and this year also the expectations are same. In short we are expecting the new iOS versions that is iOS 15 which will be a major upgrade from iOS 14 that we have now. Usually when iOS is updated there will be a new iPad OS as well. So we can expect an upgrade for iPad OS to version 15.

WWDC 2021

When it comes to Macbooks the next version expected in WWDC 2021 is the MacOS 12 which could happen based on the recent news received. Also we can see a new version for the Apple watch that is WatchOS 8 and also for Apple TV the tvOS 15. Till now we have not seen any beta version of the iOS but we have some new regarding what could be the changes

Software: WWDC 2021

Most of the changes will be on the looks and features of the OS. The major change is expected to come in the iOS and iPad OS compared to the other upgrade. Mostly Apple will match the iOS and iPad OS with the latest MacOS Big Sur.

The changes here are expected to happen in the iOS lock screen which will make the notification management more better and also the lockscreen is expected to be more interactive.

WWDC 2021

Other things that are expected to change is that is that Apple will be adding new notification controls to the notification dropdown to make it more functional. Also there will be updated for the iMessage app,

As we know Apple is working on privacy related improvements now, in this event Apple will be introducing new upgrades related to privacy for Apple users while using various apps.

WWDC 2021

As the major change will be coming to the iOS, the same changes will reflect in iPadOS as well. With the new iPadOS 15 the arrangement of widgets can be changed according to the position that we want it to be in.

What users are expecting from iPadOS?

Apple had launched their new iPad 11 and 12.9 with their M1 chip. These are beast of a machines and can even be used as computers but there is still a limitation that user wants to come over and they have been asking for this change for long.

Even if the latest iPad pro’s are very powerful machines, they are still limited with the iPadOS that they have. This means limited multitasking abilities and also less control on file systems. If Apple is able to add those features to the awaited iPadOS 15 then things will become much more easier for people to decide where to get a Macbook or an iPad.

ipados 15

Apps like Final Cut pro does nor run on iPad even if they are well capable of handling such apps. This is and has been iPadOS limitation which people want to see it changed.

What else we can expect on the WWDC 2021 date?

We are still not clear about the changes that Apple is expected to bring into watchOS8 and tvOS15. For that we need to wait a bit more if any updates are available.

Other things that are expected in WWDC 2021 are hardware related updated.


Apple had launched their series of Mac’s with Apple silicon last year and also followed by recent announcement of iMac and iPad pros with M1.

Informations are coming as Apple is going to make their M1 chips better by brining the next gen of M1 processors which may be names as M1X or M2.

m1 macbook pro 2021
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These new processors are expected to be much powerful than the M1 processors that we saw. We now know that M1 processors have some limitations like they can only support upto 16GB of RAM and also the number of cores are limited to 8.

m1 macbook pro

The new M1X or M2 Processors are expected to come with 10 cores and can support upto 64GB of RAM. This upgrade will make professionals happy as the M1X could handle much more intensive tasks really easy.

m1x processor

In the WWDC 2021 Apple will be talking about the new M1X or M2 processors and the future of Apple silicon.

There are roomers that we may get the new Macbook Pro’s and a redesigned Mac mini with the new M1X processor.

Macbook changes

At present when we check the available Macbooks with Apple silicon we have the 13 Inch Macbook pro and Macbook Air and also Mac Mini. Recently Apple launched their iMac with the M1 Processor. These are all great hardware but things keep coming in the tech world and in this WWDC event 2021 Apple is expected to launch the new Macbook pro’s in 14 inch and 16 inch screen size variants. This will be completely a new redesigned model with slimmer bezels and better keyboard and trackpad.

New Macbooks are expected to bring back the good old magsafe charging connecter which was like by many people. Also the new Macbooks will have more ports compared to the latest 13 inch M1 Macbook pro and Macbook Air.

What other hardware in WWDC 2021?

Apple is due to refresh the Airpods in this event. Not sure if it will happen but its on the works. We can expect the new Airpods 3 to appear in the event or there will be an info coming out about that. Lets hope we can get the new Airpods in the event itself.

WWDC 2021

iPad Mini also is due for a refresh so we can expect a modern version of the iPad mini in WWDC 2021.


Every year Apple conducts this event of WWDC. Mostly we get some software upgrade for iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS and tvOS. This year expectations are high on seeing new hardware in the even. Many people are waiting to see the next Gen M1 processor and the pro Macbooks with it.

We will keep you updated on the same.

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